Munki and Trunk

8 July 2019

Munki and Trunk

Munki (a bold, banana-juggling adventurer) and Trunk (a big-hearted and optimistic elephant) are best friends. They do everything together – swinging, stomping and somersaulting as they explore their jungle world, hatching plans, solving problems, having fun and helping friends along the way.

Along with cheeky, brave Munki and determined Trunk, there’s a whole cast of animal adventurers to meet, from clumsy giraffe Tallbert to prickly hedgehog Humph, down to the jungle’s tiniest inhabitants, firefly Ray and shy chameleon Hue.

Children will enjoy the fun adventures that the animals get up to, while parents will love the sweet lessons behind each story: be brave, be loyal, and, above all, have fun!

This dialogue-free series is perfect for kids between the ages of four and seven.

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