Outlaws finale recap: Love turns to betrayal, and blood runs cold

By Xabiso Ngqabe17 January 2024

Outlaws finale recap: Love turns to betrayal, and blood runs cold

As Outlaws has its final curtain call, viewers are left gripping the edges of their seats, waiting for a conclusion that promises to be both powerful and chilling.

This Showmax epic drama has consistently captivated audiences with its intricate plot twists and character dynamics, and this week it delivers a finale that exceeds expectations. In these last two episodes, alliances are shattered, and the once-unbreakable bonds of love lead to unexpected and tragic consequences.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 37-38?

Leruo risked it all to save the love of his life, Sihle, before Dumisani and Kwanele could kill her. As Bandile awoke from his hospital bed, Sihle was kidnapped by Tlali and Nyakallo while Tlali continued with his ruthless pursuits and worked with Dumisani to bring down the Zulus.

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Now, this week in Outlaws, Leruo and Moretlo get their weapons and ride off to save Sihle while Bandile reveals the truth to the family. Sihle bravely ends a painful chapter while Leruo and Moretlo’s worst nightmare comes to life.

Let’s dive in to what went down in this shocking finale:

The hunt for Sihle

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The finale kicks off with Moretlo and Leruo desperately searching for Sihle, who has fallen into the hands of the cunning Tlali. Meanwhile, Nyakallo’s vendetta against Sihle reaches its climax as she pushes her around while having a gun at her. Leruo and Tseko step in to save the day, and they tie Tlali and Nyakallo to a tree.

After capturing Tlali and Nyakallo, Leruo comes up with a strategy. He unties Tlali and coerces him into a sinister deception. Placing him on the phone, gun pointed at him, Tlali is forced to tell Dumisani that he has killed Leruo and is holding Sihle captive. This staged call serves as bait for Dumisani, drawing him to the familiar meeting spot where the notorious Top Four used to meet.

Bandile declares war 

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Bandile awakens with a newfound clarity, and he tells his family that Leruo is not their enemy and that it’s Dumisani who shot him that night. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as Bandile seeks the help of an old flame, detective Hlophe, who wastes no time arriving at the hospital to assist them. She seeks the help of captain Zwane, unaware that Zwane has been working closely with Dumisani.

A stand off between Leruo and Tlali

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A tense standoff ensues, with Tlali pleading for his life. In a surprising turn, Leruo hurls a gun towards Tlali, only to swiftly shoot him in the stomach before he can reach the weapon.

Amidst the chaos, Nyakallo is left tied to a tree, vulnerable and exposed while Sihle keeps an eye on her. Suddenly, Mosa enters the scene, firing shots. Sihle seizes the opportunity, escaping her bonds, and Mosa begins to untie Nyakallo. 

Refuge at Emmanuel’s house

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Bandile and his wife, seeking refuge at Emmanuel’s house, face an unwelcome reception. Doubtful of Dumisani’s alleged attempt on Bandile’s life, the situation escalates when Detective Hlophe’s dying call exposes the captain’s treachery. She tells him that captain Zwane just shot her. Urged to flee for his life, Bandile grapples with the decision of whether to stay or escape.

Lesotho and Bergville battlefields

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Dumisani and his gang touch down in Lesotho, triggering a violent confrontation. Leruo’s skilful marksmanship leaves a trail of bodies, setting the stage for a final face-off. With only one bullet left in his gun, and Dumisani with his son, Kwanele, being the two last men standing, Leruo shoots Dumisani and then runs away with Sihle. Kwanele chases them and shoots Leruo in the leg, but Sihle buys time, giving her the chance to grab a knife and throw it at Kwanele, leaving a fatal stab wound in his chest. 

Meanwhile, Captain Zwane’s pursuit leads to the ultimate failure as Kwanele and the entire family manage to kill every one of Zwane’s troops. After realising that he is left all alone, he flees the scene.

The season concludes with the Biyela family joyful and Sihle safe, but there’s a haunting question lingering in the air: will Tlali wake up to wreak havoc once again? As the dust settles on the battlefield, viewers are left pondering the aftermath of this explosive finale.

What new alliances will form, and which ones will crumble in the wake of the devastation? Only time will unveil the fate of our beloved characters in Outlaws.

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