Outlaws Season 1 episodes 37-38 recap: “Nothing can come between us”

By Xabiso Ngqabe10 January 2024

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 37-38 recap: “Nothing can come between us”

Love and betrayal weave an intricate web that has left hearts shattered and destinies altered in some of the last few episodes of Outlaws. At the centre of this gripping saga are Leruo and Sihle, whose love story was marred by lies, deceit, and a twist of fate. 

Leruo, once deeply in love with Sihle, found himself separated from her when she got married to Kwanele. Lies were spun by Tlali, casting a dark shadow on Leruo, and causing Sihle to resent him. But, this week, destiny takes an unexpected turn when Leruo returns, risking everything to save Sihle from the clutches of danger. As they reunite, the sparks of their past love are rekindled against the backdrop of a dangerous plot unfolding.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 35-36?

Tlali offered a bounty on Leruo’s head while joining forces with Dumisani. While grappling with grief, Leruo set on a journey to Bergville to alert Bandile about Dumisani and Tlali’s sinister plans. Kwanele discovered Sihle’s betrayal and physically assaulted her, and Bandile got shot.

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Now this week in Outlaws, With Tlali on a killing spree, Leruo risks it all for Sihle. Meanwhile, Dumisani and Kwanele scramble to find Sihle before she ruins their lives.

Let’s recap this week’s episodes of Outlaws

Leruo risks it all for Sihle

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The Biyela household is thrust into chaos as the Basothos invade, seeking to end Sihle’s life. Amid the chaos, Leruo emerges as an unexpected saviour, thwarting the Sothos’ deadly intentions. The air thick with tension, Leruo and Sihle escape together, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and a past that needs unraveling.


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As Leruo and Sihle flee, a reunion takes place between the two. Remorse fills the air as they confront the painful events of the past. Leruo, determined to set things right, bares his soul to Sihle. “I’m not a murderer, I’m a cattle thief, I steal cattle” he confesses, revealing the web of deception that separated them. Sihle grapples with the truth, and a fragile connection begins to form once again.

Bandile wakes up

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Dumisani and Kwanele  attempt to break through the guarded walls around Bandile. Nolwandle informs them that Sephamola is keeping a close eye on Bandile. Moments later, Bandile finally wakes up and the first person he asks for is Sihle, saying he has something to warn her about.

Tlali’s ruthless pursuit continues

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While Sihle seeks solace by the river, danger lurks in the form of Tlali, Nyakallo, and Mosa. Guns drawn, they corner her, threatening to extinguish the last glimmers of hope. However, Leruo, guided by the echoes of gunshots, rushes to the scene, only to find an empty riverbank. The cat-and-mouse game intensifies, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the plot thickens,the battle for love and survival continues, and only time will reveal the fate that awaits Leruo and Sihle.

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