Outlaws episodes 27-28 recap: Leruo steps into new territory

By Xabiso Ngqabe6 December 2023

Outlaws episodes 27-28 recap: Leruo steps into new territory

The stakes are high in the latest gripping episodes of the Showmax Original Outlaws. The morning sun rises in the aftermath of Sihle and Kwanele’s glorious wedding night. In this recap, we dissect the pivotal moments that kept us hooked, from Bandile’s costly mistake to Leruo’s bold move and the lurking outbreak in Bergville

What happened in Outlaws episodes 25-26?

Nyakallo brutally killed three members of the Top Four while she was rescuing Tlali and his father from them. We also experienced a feast of two epic weddings and Bandile found himself in a tough situation when his wife didn’t want to return home. 

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Now in Outlaws, Bandile makes a costly mistake while Tlali’s reign of terror continues. Leruo steps into new territory in an effort to unseat Tlali and Bandile finds comfort in the arms of an ally.

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Missing cows

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The episode kicks off with a jarring scene as Bandile wakes up next to detective Hlophe, hinting at a night filled with intimacy. But that’s the least of Bandile’s worries when he finds out that four cattle are missing, including one named Galakajane (Bheki’s favourite cow). It turns out, the cows didn’t really get stolen, they wandered out.

As Bandile and Sephamola investigate the missing cows, they stumble upon some of them, mixed with other cows and since there has been a terrible outbreak in the farm, Bandile insists that they don’t take the cows as they might infect the remaining ones at home. Sephamola doesn’t listen, he brings Galakajane back home and Bandile punches Sephamola in the face after a heated confrontation.

The return of Sefofane

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The return of Sefofane (the name given to Leruo by cattle raiders) adds an intriguing layer to the unfolding drama. Remember, Leruo and Moretlo had been in hiding but they make a comeback this week with more questions than answers, including the whereabouts of the Top Four. Last week, three members of the notorious Top Four were shot and killed by Nyakallo as she was rescuing Tlali and his father.

After finding lifeless bodies of the Top Four, Leruo believes that this has Tlali written all over it. Fuelled by a desire for justice, he decides to confront Tlali but the ruthless cousin continues with his selfish ways and doesn’t listen to him.

Family ties and suspicions

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Bandile’s life continues to take a hit as he attempts to reconcile with his wife. Meanwhile, the stakes rise following an outbreak that is affecting the cows and sparks unrest within the family. Uncle Emmanuel and Aunt Deli intensify their scrutiny of Bandile, blaming him for recklessness in this incident. 

Bandile, upon finding out that Sephamola packed his bags and left, chases him and attempts to reason with him to come back but this further deepens the divide within the family. As tensions rise, questions loom over Bandile’s ability to manage the farm and protect his loved ones.

Leruo steps into new territory

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Moretlo, together with her father, Ntjapedi (played by Khotso Nkhatho), try to convince Leruo to claim his rightful place and unseat Tlali. Now that the Top Four is gone, Leruo is left with a daunting choice: stand up and lead or let Tlali’s reign of terror consume them all. 

Ntjapedi suggests Leruo takes on a new adventure where they could embark on cattle raids in new territories and mentions the Free State. Leruo then calls a meeting with the cattle raiders and tells them he’s back in business and they should trust him. Will they leave Tlali and join Leruo, who has led them well in the past?

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