Pippa Tshabalala’s #ShowmaxAddiction

30 August 2017

Pippa Tshabalala’s #ShowmaxAddiction

She’s the only mom in South Africa who can destroy her kids at all the video games. Pippa Tshabalala is a veteran of South African gaming and online culture who has been getting Mzansi nerds amped up since her days hosting The Verge in 2008.

We caught up with the legend to ask her inappropriate questions about Game of Thrones characters and to find out what awesome things she’s up to.

What’s your favourite show of all time?

Is it too cliche to say Game of Thrones? [Seasons 1-6 are on Showmax with the latest season coming on 2 October. Watch now »]

Speaking of Game of Thrones, who would you marry, who would you murder, and who would you, ahem, court?

Marry… none of them really, but I guess at a push Jamie Lannister. Murder Ramsey Bolton (I hate that guy, luckily it seems I had to get in line to bump him off!), and, uh, court as you put it, Jon Snow. He’s very emo so I think he would annoy me long term! He’s very pretty though!

What are you currently binge-watching and what do you like about it?

Mr Robot. I saw the first season, but managed to miss the second so I’m catching up! [Seasons 1-2 are on Showmax. Watch now »]

This one’s important. Batman or Spider Man? Or do you prefer the villains?

Of those two? Batman. But in general, the Joker!

As a parent, which kids’ show do you find the least annoying to watch on repeat with your kids?

Animated movies. I studied as an animator, so I can watch animated movies over and over again!

AKA or Cassper Nyovest?


Any cool new projects that you’re working on at the moment?

A couple. Some of which you’ll probably hear about in the next few months. The major one is rAge right now – I’m working with them on some cool content in the lead up to the event in October.

And this is a personal question from our geeks around the office. What kind of games are you jamming these days, and can you add us on Steam?

Haha, I’m primarily a console gamer these days, so I do have a Steam account, but I’m mainly playing on PS4 right now. I’m busy playing Matterfall, finishing up Mass Effect: Andromeda, going a bit old school with Full Throttle Remastered and playing endless LEGO co-op with my eldest son!

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