QUIZ: How naughty can you get with Showmax?

15 August 2017

QUIZ: How naughty can you get with Showmax?

From sexual innuendos to impromptu love scenes, saucy TV shows have become fodder for the audience these days. Whether it’s following the lives of the scarlet women in 18th-Century London in Harlots (first on Showmax) or somehow getting pulled in into the racy world of millennials in New York in Girls, R-rated onscreen naughtiness is something we have come to accept. In fact, we have come to expect it. For an audience that thrives on such TV thrills, how naughty can you really get?

Are you like Liza who is exploring new adventures in Younger (another first on Showmax) or are you more like Missandei who gets what she really desires from Grey Worm in Game of Thrones? Don’t let us decide for you. Take the quiz below and find out.

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