Republic of Sarah S1
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5 November 2021

Republic of Sarah S1

Republic of Sarah focuses on the small community of Greylock, New Hampshire, which has just struck gold. Okay, not real gold, but an incredible valuable mineral called Coltan, and it’s everywhere in this quaint little town. What happens when a big mining company finds out about it? They whip out their cheque books, prepare to move the residents, and call in the bulldozers! But history teacher Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker) is not going to let that happen…

Nope, in Republic of Sarah, sis Sarah convinces the residents to secede from the United States, and get this, become their own country! Crazy right!?

Well, crazy or not, in the 13 episodes of this drama series we will get the low-down on how Sarah and the towns folk will navigate through this situation, and as Sarah says: “This will not be easy and there will be serious consequences, but if Greylock is going to survive we need to remind the world that lines on a map are not what define us.”

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