Saints and Sinners, Seasons 1-3, now on Showmax

14 September 2017

Saints and Sinners, Seasons 1-3, now on Showmax

Watch this hugely popular Mzansi Magic series about two families struggling to keep the skeletons in their closets on Showmax. We’ve got every single episode of Saints and Sinners, from the very beginning right through to the end of Season 3.

Saints and Sinners on Showmax

Image: Mzansi Magic

The Khumalos and the Moloiswas are both trying to do right by their families, to give their children the best lives they can. But at what cost? Mamohato Khumalo’s transactions with armed robber Gibson could just be her downfall, and even the charitable Moloiswas are forced to take up arms against the organised crime plaguing their community. The question is – how far would you go to protect your family and everything you’ve built? Watch now »

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