Showmax’s latest ad celebrates the power of local storytelling
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16 March 2023

Showmax’s latest ad celebrates the power of local storytelling

Showmax recently released their latest brand ad, and people are loving it!

The ad, which follows people as they discuss the latest and hottest Showmax Originals, was directed by Teboho Mahlatsi, the legendary co-creator and director of Yizo Yizo, Portrait of a Young Man Drowning, Isibaya, Jacob’s Cross and more.

Teboho Mahlatsi

About the ad, he says: “It was a great brief from the beginning. The team at Showmax had a great concept. It felt fresh, and it’s not flashy: just a simple, authentic story. The simplicity of the idea communicates precisely what the Showmax brand is all about. So going in, all I had to do as the director was to trust the strength of the concept, and align the execution to the truth already embedded in the script. 

“My favourite part was when we started to shape the characters and bring them to life. As a team, we ran the scenes over and over, worked on timings, and discovered the little nuances and magic from the actors. By the time we got on set, it felt like the cast had complete control of their characters, which helped immensely with performances. I thought they did a tremendous job.”

What South Africans think

On social media, the ad has earned some great reactions. Mahlatsi says: “I think the main reason is that the characters are so relatable. And that has a lot to do with the performances. It feels like you are eavesdropping on a conversation that you’ve heard before. Like you’ve met these characters before. I think stories could be more than just entertainment. They have the potential to help us make sense of our lives and the world around us. So when we really love a show, we love to share it with others because essentially we all seek connection, and sharing the stories we love with others could sometimes offer us that. And Showmax plays a big role in that regard by offering a platform rich with all these authentic African stories that we can all share with others.”

Here’s what some people – including entertainment pundit Phil Mphela – have said on Twitter and Instagram:

On Instagram, the ad also got some rave reviews:

From @mbalenhle__m: Love this 😍😍

@mukarkotini said, “Wow this ad is lit 🔥🔥 so truly Satafrican, well done to whoever came up with this advert 🔥 Danko Showmax.

@butho_consulting said: “This ad is fire 🔥 haven’t seen something this fresh in a while 🔥”

Like the Showmax Instagram post says, Yazin’ chomam, nobody tells a story like you do Satafrica and nobody tells a story like Africa’s original streaming service. Wozani ke nizobona ezimnandi?

(You know my friend, nobody tells a story like you do, South Africa, and nobody tells a story like Africa’s original streaming service. Come through and watch nice shows.)

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