The 3 weirdest, wackiest weddings in Wedding Bashers, S1

25 May 2018

The 3 weirdest, wackiest weddings in Wedding Bashers, S1

Twelve episodes. Twenty-two very different weddings. And 22 brides and grooms going all-out to create their perfect big day. That’s the story behind reality show Wedding Bashers (2017-current; Season 1 can be streamed or downloaded from Showmax, with Season 2 coming to DStv in October) and we’re loving it. Not just because it’s good, clean competitive fun, but also because these lovebirds aren’t sticking to the tried-and-tested traditional chapel plan. Up for grabs? The not-so-small matter of R800 000 (made up of cash and other prizes like jewellery and a honeymoon) that will pretty much pay for any sane couple’s wedding.

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So how do you judge something where everything is different and tastes are as varied as chalk and cheese when it comes to the bride’s dress and décor down to the menu and themes? You bring in experts who will “bash” each couple’s big day down to its core elements. Former Miss SA Cindy Nell-Roberts critiques the wedding wardrobes, accessories and finishing touches. Local reality TV cooking queen Siba Mtongana is on hand to sample and size up the menus and all-important cakes. Party queen Denise Zimba rates the atmosphere, music and other fun factors at the reception. And real-life wedding planner Zavion Kotze scrutinises the entire day with his years of experience and eagle eye spotting the make-or-break factor.

But a wedding isn’t just a party, explains Denise in an interview with Channel 24: “One of the biggest reasons we loved the weddings so much is because there’s nothing like being in a room where love exudes.” That tugged on Cindy’s heartstrings too, with the TV personality adding that “the top 5 weddings, they weren’t trying to impress us or put on a show. The traditions [at the weddings] meant something to them”.

Wave goodbye to those poofy meringue wedding dresses and black tuxedos and bowties… these are three of the cooler, out-of-the-box ceremonies that are cooler than any other “I do’s” you’ll see on your smallscreen.

Episode 1 – DIY delight: Reandri and Dewald

“The theme is rustic and industrial – we’re getting married in the old Snowflake building,” says Reandri, “so it’s an old factory. The big thing that we wanted was a proper party.” And she isn’t joking!

“Elegance meets party,” laughs Dewald. They’re going DIY for their big day and that means a lot of work to cater for 180 guests – and the décor is super-cool. “I folded these newspaper flowers to hang in the open spaces in the venue,” laughs Reandri. The “placemats” are hand-labelled slices of wood, and who needs a set menu when you can use cootie catchers?

So how do you top this off? The groom grabs a guitar while wearing a horse-head theatre costume and the bride gets her girls on stage for a mini flashmob.

Episode 5 – Superhero super day: Charmaine and Adriaan

“The big day” gets a super boost when the theme is comic book superheroes. “We love this theme and it’s a big part of our lives,” says Adriaan. “And mostly we just like being different,” giggles Charmaine.

How different? There’s zero white at the wedding. Everything is decked out in Hulk green and purple! Even the flower arrangements are filled with flowers made from comic books. “Mostly Marvel,” protests Adriaan. And they’re keeping things light-hearted – while the kids get lucky packets, the adults get Batman bags with those all-important hangover cures for the next morning. “We’re encouraging people to have lots of fun,” says Charmaine.

Episode 11 – It’s not a game: Gaylene and Matthew

“We’re theming our wedding with Game of Thrones. Don’t worry – there’s no Red Wedding murders here!” says Gaylene, with Matthew adding that “we’re still going to be a little traditional – we’ll be wearing the normal suits you would for a wedding but we’ve also got capes and animal skins.”

While the main tables are decked out to the nines with rich red and deep black coverings, “The centre piece is this big wooden table – it’s very rustic,” says Matthew, who is a huge Game of Thrones fan. Throw in a cheesy “groom’s cake” of stacked cheeses and savoury treats, swords and every single guest decked out in full Game of Thrones garb and you’ve got yourself a bloody good celebration!

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