The 4 most heartbreaking funerals on SA TV

26 May 2020

The 4 most heartbreaking funerals on SA TV

Have you ever watched a funeral on TV and felt every single emotion that the characters were feeling? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Watching some of our favourite TV shows has been such an emotional roller-coaster ride. One minute we’re laughing and celebrating, the next minute we’re mourning. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most heart-wrenching and tragic TV funerals we’ve seen.

Mbali – The River

This death took everyone by surprise. After Mbali died, all the Dikana family members were in utter shock and their sadness could be felt through the screen. Lindiwe blamed herself for her daughter’s untimely passing because of the argument they had before her tragic accident.

Her funeral was absolutely heartbreaking. Andile and Zolani shared touching tributes to their sister. They had nothing but wonderful things to say about Mbali, adding that her life was cut short.

When the family and the rest of the mourners got to the cemetery, things got extremely tough. Lindiwe couldn’t bear the fact that her final moments with Mbali were spent in a huge fight. She broke down and was inconsolable.

Shaka – The Queen

We can all agree that Shaka gave us many unforgettable moments on The Queen. Whether it was his famous quotes, his shenanigans with his uncle Brutus or the many women he was involved with, Shaka was truly a colourful character.

The day of his funeral was very dramatic as his widow, Mmabatho, told mourners exactly what he thought of her late husband. She revealed just how much Shaka broke her heart, adding that he didn’t deserve to rest in peace. There was also drama with Shaka’s side chicks, who not only had the nerve to attend the funeral, but also claimed that he belonged to all of them.

Besides the drama, the funeral was quite emotional and uncle Brutus had a difficult time dealing with the loss. Shaka was not only his nephew, but he was also his confidant and partner in crime.

Thandeka – Isibaya

This one felt too real. Thandeka’s death not only broke the Zungus and the Ndlovus but it also brought sadness to every single fan of the show. The loved character, played Nomzamo Mbatha, had been on the show since the first season. Her exist came as a result of Nomzamo’s move to the United States of America.

Everyone who loved her was distraught after discovering that she had died after being shot.

Her husband, Sbu, couldn’t hold back the tears. He struggled to understand how he would tell their children about her death.

Things became very emotional at her funeral as Sbu remembered the love of his life. “Our love was forbidden. A lot of them tried by all means to stop it but we overcame it,” he said. Theirs was a real love story.

Her father, Mpiyakhe couldn’t help but cry for his beloved daughter.

Mbongeni – Gomora

The new telenovela started with a bang! Viewers were introduced to a rich couple from a lush suburb. It was a picture-perfect story that turned into tragedy when Mbongeni was killed in a hijacking. He left his entire family broken and wondering how they would move forward from the unexpected situation.

The bank CEO unfortunately left his wife and children with no money and to make things worse, before he died, he came clean about embezzling funds from the bank. He could have faced a minimum of ten years in jail.

The River, Gomora, Isibaya and The Queen are all available to stream on Showmax. New episodes of Gomora will be available from 1 June 2020.

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