The Endless River (2014)
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22 September 2020

The Endless River (2014)

A young waitress (SAFTA winner Crystal-Donna Roberts from Arendsvlei) welcomes her husband home to the small South African town of Endless River after his four-year jail sentence. At first, it appears their plans for a new life together are finally being realized. But when the family of a Frenchman (three-time Cesar nominee Nicolas Duvauchelle) living on a nearby farm is brutally murdered, the young woman and the grieving widower begin gravitating towards each other.

Trapped in a cycle of violence and bloodshed, the two form an unlikely bond seeking to transcend their mutual anger, pain and loneliness. 

Directed by festival favourite Oliver Hermanus (Moffie, Skoonheid, Shirley Adams), The Endless River screened in competition at Venice.

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