The Girlfriend Experience S3: AI reviews adults-only series about AI

By Bianca Coleman15 February 2023

The Girlfriend Experience S3: AI reviews adults-only series about AI

ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022, has been making headlines in recent weeks, so when I was asked to review The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 – which has AI as a central part of its plot – I decided to ask the famous AI to do it for me (yes, I told my editor).

He/she/they/it is honest about the limitations, saying “may occasionally generate incorrect information”, caveat emptor and all that. To get the best results, like dealing with any AI (call centres, online, wherever), your wording must be precise.

“Create a review of The Girlfriend Experience Season 3,” I commanded. This is what I got: a considered and accurate recap of the series.

“The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 continues the series’ exploration of the world of high-end sex work, but takes a different approach by telling two parallel and disconnected stories. While the performances of the lead actors are strong and the cinematography is visually stunning, the slow pace and lack of a cohesive narrative may leave some viewers feeling unsatisfied. 

“Overall, this season may appeal to fans of the series, but it may not be as accessible or engaging to new viewers.”

Funnily enough, though, it was not the same as the first review: “The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 follows Iris, a neuroscience student who becomes an escort to fund her research, and her complicated relationships with her clients and colleagues.

“The show explores themes of power, control, and emotional detachment through a visually stunning and thought-provoking narrative. The acting is impressive, particularly Julia Goldani Telles’ portrayal of Iris, and the writing is sharp and nuanced.

“However, some may find the slow pacing and lack of resolution frustrating. Overall, The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 is a captivating and daring exploration of sexuality and power dynamics in modern society.”

But wait. What about the AI angle? I tried again, asking ChatGPT to include that.

“The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 is a fascinating exploration of sexuality, power dynamics, and the impact of Al on human relationships. The show’s protagonist, Iris, is a neuroscience student who becomes an escort to fund her research, and her encounters with clients are facilitated by an Al-powered app that matches her with clients based on their desires and preferences. The integration of Al in the show adds an intriguing layer to the exploration of power and control, as Iris learns to navigate the expectations of her clients while also using the app to her advantage. The acting, particularly Julia Goldani Telles’ performance as Iris, is superb, and the writing is both intelligent and thought-provoking. However, the slow pacing and ambiguous ending may leave some viewers unsatisfied.

“Overall, The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 is a compelling and innovative exploration of the intersection between human relationships and technology, and is well worth a watch for anyone interested in the impact of Al on society.”

Perhaps ChatGPT has access to alternative information (probably the whole internet) and lacks the benefit of having “watched” the series (heck, maybe it has) but I understood a few points differently, minor technicalities. Who is right? I don’t know. I do think Iris’s name wasn’t randomly chosen (say it backwards).

The Girlfriend Experience is first and only on Showmax
Riley Keough as Christine in Season 1 of The Girlfriend Experience

All three seasons of The Girlfriend Experience, an anthology series for adults only, are available to stream on Showmax. Season 1 follows Christine (Riley Keough, who, fun fact, is Elvis Presley’s granddaughter),, a law student who works as a high-end escort. As she navigates her two lives, she must balance her personal desires and professional obligations while encountering various challenges. 

Season 2 introduces two parallel storylines that follow two women, Erica and Anna, as they navigate the complex world of power and money. Erica is a finance director who risks her career for a relationship with a client, while Anna is a former escort who enters the world of politics as a girlfriend-for-hire. The series explores the blurred lines between intimacy and transaction, as well as the costs of power and ambition.

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