The Queen: A cast like no other

2 November 2018

The Queen: A cast like no other

If you’re a TV junkie like us, chances are you’ve watched a lot of TV shows in your life.

Now think about this, have you wondered what the cast is like behind the scenes? Do they talk to each other? Do they hang out outside of work? Or are they just people who do scenes together and then go home?

Well, these are some of the questions we sometimes ask ourselves, especially when it comes to our favourite shows. You don’t know how happy we were after discovering that the cast of The Queen, one of our favourite telenovelas, is actually close in real life. It’s not just about making TV.

The love is real

While Dineo Moeketsi (Kea) and Connie Ferguson (Harriet) play mother and daughter on screen, they also have a special “mother-daughter” bond in real life. When Connie celebrated her birthday a few months ago, Dineo took to Instagram to share the sweetest message. She described Connie as the “one of the coolest bosses in the game”.

She continued: “Mom to all but she will out rap you on Tupac’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up’, gives awesome hugs but she will call you out for your BS, the sharpest shooter but a loving heart…”

Dineo has also expressed how much she admires and respects Connie.

“Believe me when I say, I’ve heard no complaint when the hours are long, I’ve experienced her humanity that is freely given to all and no matter the conditions she continues to finesse being a performer, an executive producer and entrepreneur every single day. Day in, day out she continues to make her dreams come true. You deserve every win. I’m blessed to have a front row seat to watch and learn. Slay.”

Behind the scenes fun

You’d think that working with seasoned actors would mean everyone is serious all the time, no chance for fun and jokes. But nope, not on this set. The actors often share what they get up to when they’re not shooting. They also share bloopers from the show, which fans really appreciate.

According to Rami Chuene (Gracious) they have too much fun on set and sometimes find it hard to keep it together because the whole team is funny. Basically, there’s never a dull moment.

But don’t get it twisted, as fun as things are on set, these actors give 100% when it comes to their jobs. In an interview on Power FM, Rami praised Thembsie Matu’s (Petronella) work ethic. “She brings a such a genuine and authentic flavour to everything that she does,” Rami said about Thembsie, who has been in the entertainment industry for 31 years.

Power couple at the helm

Some of us grew up watching Connie and Shona Ferguson (Jerry) on TV. They have both made their mark in the TV industry, appearing on popular shows that have made them household names. Now they’ve taking over both the acting and production side of things through their company Ferguson Films, which is responsible for The Queen and many other hit shows.

So, how do they make it work on and off screen? Connie told City Press in an interview that because she and her husband are great friends, it’s actually fun working together.

“We don’t always agree, but we are happy to compromise from time to time. Most of the time, though, we are on the same page. My husband inspires me a lot and I know I do the same for him,” she told the weekly newspaper.

Now we know why there’s such great chemistry between the cast members. It’s clear that there’s a real connection here.

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