21 October 2019

The River: Lindiwe buries Mosa alive!

Some people clearly never learn. You never mess with Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana and get away with it. Never! And Mosa had to learn this the hard way. Flora’s nephew was asking for trouble when he threatened Lindiwe and blackmailed her. What did he have on her? Well, we’re glad you asked.

After being attacked by Andile, Mosa went straight to Lindiwe and told her how he was going to tell the whole world about what her son did to him. He told her that he wanted R500 000 for his “pain and suffering” or else he would go straight to the police. He then made it clear that he would lie to the cops and tell them that Njabulo and Andile beat him up after he refused to sleep with them.

Of course, Lindiwe didn’t want this PR nightmare and considered giving Mosa the money. Just as she was entertaining the idea, Andile was arrested for assault and Mosa made his way back to Lindiwe and demanded R1 million for his silence and to drop the charges.

The big fight!

While he was blackmailing Andile’s mother and playing the victim, his skeletons came out of the closet and his aunt Flora finally saw him for what he is. She chased him out of her house after learning that he had tried to rape Beauty. He also confessed to her that he attacked Andile and his fiancé.

This was the perfect opportunity for Lindiwe to silence Mosa forever because no one would suspect a thing. She called him to the mine, and he found her standing alone. There was also a bag next to her which we assume had the cash. They had a brief conversation and Lindiwe told him that he had no case because everybody knows exactly who he is. But Mosa was arrogant enough to still want the money. He slapped Lindiwe and she fought back.

Goodbye, Mosa!

Then the action really kicked off! He grabbed the bag and tried to run, but Lindiwe threw a brick at him, he fell and she started hitting him with the brick. It escalated, and then the next thing, Mosa was on a forklift that Lindiwe was driving. None of that worked and Lindiwe buried him alive. This reminded us of the time Lindiwe did the same thing to Tumi. Remember how frightened she was? Poor Mosa really didn’t know who he was dealing with. It’s sad that his journey had to end this way. 

Will anyone miss him? We doubt that. For more shocking moments make sure you watch The River on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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