The River: The shadiest lobola negotiations

29 October 2018

The River: The shadiest lobola negotiations

We thought weddings were supposed to bring families together, but looking at how Tumi’s lobola negotiations are going, we’ve concluded that sometimes weddings tear people apart. Well, in this case, we’ll say greed is getting the better of these families.

Tumi’s greedy uncle ruins things

As you know, Zolani asked for Tumi’s hand in marriage. He asked his uncle Zweli to send a letter to Tumi’s mother after deciding that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. That’s great and we’re happy for them.

But all is not well. All hell broke loose after Zweli and another family representative went to Tumi’s home for the lobola negotiations. Her uncle Sechaba made it very difficult for the Dikanas. At first, he asked them to pay R500 000 for their niece, which is a ridiculous amount of money. He then brought it down to R200 000, which is still too much.

Feeling frustrated, Zolani reached out to his aunt Lindiwe for assistance and she wasn’t happy about it and made it clear that she’s not parting with so much money. Lindiwe, who was clearly angry, then decided to head to the Mokoena household to give them the money in cash. She got there and threw a fit, gave them a piece of her mind and then threw the money on the table. She also made sure that Malefu understands that her daughter Tumi is not worth that much money and even questioned her level of education. Ouch!

Tumi’s mother, who is a very proud woman, made it clear that she doesn’t want the money. It was an ugly show down between the two women. We honestly blame Tumi’s uncle for this drama because he’s a greedy man. We wish Malefu had asked another person to handle the negotiations.

Welcome back, Cobra

We didn’t think we’d be seeing Cobra this soon. Honestly, we were expecting him to be in prison for a very long time, but thanks to his lovely fiancé Paulina, Cobrizi is back home.

This is what true love looks like, right? Bailing the love of your life out of jail surely is what real love is all about. The look on Paulina’s face when she saw her man was priceless. Although they’ve faced quite a few challenges, it seems like there’s nothing these two can’t get through. Will Cobra’s family be happy to see him? Will Malefu welcome him with open arms? Also, will he be invited to Tumi’s wedding? We cannot wait to see how the rest of the story will unfold.

Andile is serious about Njabulo

After all the drama that’s been going on in Andile’s life, he has finally decided to get his act together and focus on one man. We weren’t too shocked when he confessed how much he loves Njabulo and that he doesn’t want to lose him.

In case you missed it, Andile was close to losing Njabulo after cheating on him with TJ. And now TJ doesn’t get that he was just a phase in Andile’s life, and that Andile doesn’t want a relationship with him.

Anyway, we’re glad that Andile has come to his senses and has realised how much Njabulo means to him. We hope their relationship will stand the test of time.

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