How to save data on Showmax using bandwidth capping and downloads

23 January 2024

How to save data on Showmax using bandwidth capping and downloads

How much data do I need to stream? Streaming video can use up to 3GB of data per hour depending on the quality and streaming service.

The new Showmax is bringing even better data-saving modes that will save you big bucks while streaming.

Get maximum entertainment for minimum data. Showmax has different settings for streaming on your smart TV or web, or on your mobile device, that go as low as 40MB/hr.

New Showmax data usage

Streaming on the web or TV

Choose the data mode that best fits your internet speed. If you want to watch in HD, choose Best, which uses up to 1.2GB/h. But if you’d rather save data, or if your internet connection is slower, go as low as 288p, which only uses around 100MB/h.

Saving data on your mobile device

When streaming on your smartphone or tablet, be ultra thrifty and choose Data Saving mode. It will only use up to 40MB per hour, and the 144p quality is still great to watch. If you’re streaming Showmax Premier League and want to watch a live match, be aware that the data consumption can be higher.

Then get familiar with Showmax’s built-in data-saving features and limit how much data you use.

How to change your data settings

  • On the new Showmax app, navigate to your account settings. On mobile, tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner, while on web and smart TV, the icon is usually at the top right.
  • You’ll immediately see the setting for Data Settings.
  • Scroll through the options and choose the one that suits you best.
  • On mobile, you can also choose to download shows or stream over WiFi only – this is another great way to save mobile data.

Download on mobile devices and watch offline with Showmax

Showmax gives you the option to download any show or movie on Wi-Fi and watch offline on smartphones or tablets using the Showmax app for Android and iOS – no data needed.
This is an especially handy feature if you’ll be somewhere without the internet, such as in a taxi, on a plane or in the middle of nowhere.

Read our comprehensive article on downloading with Showmax here

Reduce download quality to save data (and space)

If you have to use your mobile data to download shows, or if the storage space on your device is running low, make use of the Showmax quality settings for downloads.

When you select a title to download, you will be able to choose from different quality settings. The lower the quality you select, the less data you will use and the less space the file will take up on your device.

Use free Wi-Fi hotspots

The best way to save data is to use no data! Stream your shows while you’re on your lunch break at work, when you’re in a coffee shop, or at your friend’s parents’ house. We won’t tell!

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