WATCH: Suzelle DIY reviews her favourite TV shows

20 March 2018

WATCH: Suzelle DIY reviews her favourite TV shows

You can picture it – Suzelle and Marianne in their dressing gowns and fluffy pantoffels with a large spread of melktertjies and droewors getting ready for a moerse binge-watching session.

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But what does South Africa’s First Lady of the interwebs like to watch when she’s not making braai pies? Check out this video where Suzelle reviews some of her favourite shows, and there are probably a few that you haven’t seen before.

She even gives a shout out to Tali Babes from Tali’s Wedding Diary. The two of them must’ve been separated at birth, because it’s crazy how similar they look.

Here are the shows that Suzelle DIY was talking about in her video.


Younger on Showmax

Image: Endemol

First on Suzelle’s list is Younger, which was created by Darren Star, who also gave us Sex and the City. It’s a rom-com series about a 40 year-old single mom who pretends to be 26 to get a sweet job at a publishing company. It’s hilarious. Watch it now »


Image: Sonar

Dark and gritty! This period drama set in the 1800s stars Tom Hardy as James Delaney, a dangerous and powerful shaman-of-sorts who returns to London to build a shipping empire and avenge his father’s death. Watch it now »

Room 104

Room 104 on Showmax

Image: HBO

This anthology series features bizarre and strange things happening in an airport motel room. Each episode is completely different, and as soon as you think you know what’s going to happen, the entire plot flips on its head. Watch it now »

Boer Soek ‘n Vrou

Boer soek n vrou on Showmax

Image: kykNET

Minki van der Westhuizen is back in Season 10, and the boers are lining up to look for love in this South African classic. Watch it now »

Tali’s Wedding Diary: Showmax Original

You know Julia Anastasopoulos as Suzelle DIY, but her new character Tali is completely different. Tali is a Joburg princess who moves down to Cape Town to marry the man of her dreams, Darren, played by YouTube star Anton Taylor. This is a brilliant local series that’s hilarious and well produced. When you watch the show you’ve got a Tali in your life – we all do. Watch it now »

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