What devices can I use?

6 January 2022

What devices can I use?

Your Showmax subscription lets you watch on two devices at the same time and you can register up to five devices to watch on.

There are many ways to enjoy Showmax, from using your big screen at home to your mobile phone.

Showmax is available on these devices:

  • Apple and Android smartphones and tablets using the Showmax app.
  • Laptops and computers through your web browser.
  • Google Chromecast and Apple TV, including Airplay – here’s how Airplay works »
  • DStv Explora – make sure you connect it to the internet. Showmax Pro is not supported on the DStv Explora.
  • Gaming consoles: Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (South Africa only). Showmax Pro is currently not supported on any gaming consoles.
  • Smart TVs, including:
    • Samsung smart TVs (2012 and later)
    • Tizen smart TVs (2015 and later)
    • LG NetCast smart TVs (2012 to 2014)
    • LG WebOS smart TVs (2014 and later)
    • Hisense smart TVs (selected models, Africa only)
    • Android TVs (eg Sony, Philips, Sharp. See Android Devices)

Note that live streaming on Showmax Pro is only available on these models: Samsung Tizen Smart (2017 and later) and LG WebOS Smart TVs (2014 and later). Read more here »

(Due to manufacturer differences, the application may not work on all devices. Available devices may differ between countries.)

Pro tip: if you don’t have a Smart TV  connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable for that big screen experience.

Note that if you have a Showmax Mobile or Showmax Pro Mobile subscription, you will only be able to watch Showmax on one mobile device. Read more here »

How to manage my Showmax devices

Your Showmax subscription lets you watch on two screens at the same time and register up to five different devices to watch on. Here’s a guide to help you make changes to your registered devices, so if you’re looking to clear your list and start fresh, you’re in the right place.

Each browser you watch Showmax on will be registered as a different device. So if you watch on Google Chrome and Safari on one machine that will be registered as two devices.

You have a total of 20 device changes per year on your account. If you exceed this limit and need to change a device you can chat live with a Showmax care agent now.

How do I manage my registered devices?

  1. Go to Showmax.com and sign in to your account.
  2. Select your Showmax profile at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on “My Account”.
  4. Select “My Devices” to see what devices are registered to your account. Click the cross to remove a device.

How do I manage my devices using the Showmax app?

  1. Launch the Showmax app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Select your Showmax profile at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on “My Account”.
  4. Select “My Devices” to see what devices are registered to your account. Tap the cross to remove a device.

If you need any help you can chat live with a Showmax care agent now.

How do I watch Showmax on two devices at once?

Keep the peace in your home by letting your kids watch cartoons on your tablet while you watch your series on the big TV – all on the same Showmax subscription.

How the multiple devices feature on Showmax works

Using a single Showmax subscription (in this case, yours), two different shows can be streamed on two different devices simultaneously.

This means you only pay for one subscription, but two members of your family can use it at once, on different devices, in different rooms, or in totally different locations, to watch two different shows.

A single Showmax subscription can be accessed by up to five different devices – for example, your smart TV, your laptop, your tablet, your mobile phone, and that old tablet of yours that is now used by your kids. All of these can carry the Showmax app (except your laptop or PC, which uses the web browser) for the Showmax subscription that’s in your name, at no extra charge.

What this means is that you can stream the latest episodes of Euphoria Season 2, Showmax Originals including The Wife, Troukoors and The Real Housewives of Durban (Season 2 lands on 28 January 2022) , or a box-office smash-hit movie like Wonder Woman 1984, at the same time as your kids are streaming episode after episode of Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street or Find Me In Paris.

One thing to note is that streaming on two different devices will use double the amount of data, and thus double your data costs, but some would say this is a small price to pay for the hours of peace and family harmony you’ll be getting. (Read on for tips on how to keep your data costs low while using multiple devices.)

How to access Showmax on multiple devices

  1. Sign up for Showmax if you haven’t already (you’ll get a no-risk 14-day free trial). It’s so quick and easy.
  2. Download the Showmax app for free for iOS or Android on your smartphone, tablet and smart TV.
  3. Sign into your Showmax account in the app on your smartphone, tablet and smart TV, and in the web browser on your PC at www.showmax.com.
  4. Search for the shows your children love most, or browse the Showmax Kids’ section in the app on your tablet.
  5. Hit Play on the chosen episode, and give your kids the tablet.
  6. Kick back on the couch and browse the series, movies and documentaries available for you to stream on your smart TV or smartphone at the same time.

How to keep data costs low while watching Showmax on multiple devices

  • Download instead of stream: Rather than streaming your kids’ shows on your tablet or smartphone, you can download series and movies for them in the Showmax app instead. If you do this while you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot, you won’t pay anything to download them, and the kids can watch them offline for free.
  • Bandwidth capping: When streaming on most versions of the Showmax app, you will have the option of limiting your data usage. On your tablet or smartphone, simply go to Settings, and select Bandwidth Capping. Select Low capping to use the least data while streaming – as little as 0.3GB per hour, or Medium capping, to use only 0.7GB per hour. No Capping will use as much as 3GB per hour, so it’s really worthwhile to make use of this feature. The latest Showmax mobile apps also include Minimum capping, which uses 100MB per hour (mobile devices only).
  • Download at a lower quality: Showmax gives you the option to download on four different quality settings to allow you to limit your data usage. Download on Low Quality, Standard Quality or Good Quality as opposed to High Quality to save on data. Standard or even Low Quality are sufficient for kids’ shows, especially on small screens, and Good Quality is perfect for your own downloads.

Remember, download shows to watch offline using the Showmax app on your phone or tablet.

For more technical information, check out the Showmax website Help section or start a live chat with Showmax’s helpful team.

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