What to watch on Showmax SA: 11 Jan 2019

11 January 2019

What to watch on Showmax SA: 11 Jan 2019

Here are the series, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries that were added to Showmax this week. Happy streaming!

International series

Playing House S3

Playing House on Showmax

Maggie and Emma face their biggest test yet: not the baby, not work, not the bossy neighbours, but medical news that would stop any of us in our tracks. Luckily the two besties have not lost any of their wacky humour! Watch now »

Devious Maids S1-4


You never know who’s listening… working for Beverly Hills’ most powerful families, four maids have access to some incredible gossip – and like their bosses they are not above using dirt to get what they want… Watch now »

International movies

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy on Showmax

An evil prince has returned to take the world back from humans and he plans to use Hellboy to destroy them all. But the cigar-chomping, cat-loving demon has other plans in this action-packed sequel from Guillermo del Toro. Watch now »

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is on Showmax

Scott has found the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately he needs to beat her exes in combat before he can date her. This hyper-kinetic and incredibly funny film is full of crazy characters and over the top action like never before. Watch now »


Hurricane (Ouragon)

Hurricane is on Showmax

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Now go into the middle of one as it forms off the coast of Africa, then tears across the Atlantic to ravage the Caribbean islands. Watch now »

Earth: One Amazing Day

Earth One Amazing Day is on Showmax

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning BBC Earth series, this tracks a day in different parts of the planet. Watch in startling HD how nature reacts to different challenges, and experience incredible animal encounters. Watch now »

Kids’ shows

Kiddets S1

Kiddets is on Showmax

There are new aliens in town and they are just fascinated by our planet and its creatures. Join them in a fun blend of live-action and animated clips as they learn about the world from their playroom. Watch now »

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Better Together Special: Forgotten Friendship

My Little Pony Forgotten Friendship is on Showmax

Something has erased everyone’s memories! Fortunately Sunset Shimmer notices, but she needs the help of Princess Twilight Sparkle before her friends’ minds are lost forever. Watch now »

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Better Together Special: Rollercoaster of Friendship

My Little Pony Rollercoaster of Friendship is on Showmax

The Equestria Land amusement park is open and its PR manager is keen to promote it. But when a little Equestrian magic charms her phone, she starts abusing it to erase what she doesn’t like. Watch now »

Finding Stuff Out

Finding Stuff Out is on Showmax

How does everything around us work? Curious kids can switch on to this show and explore everything from what dirt is made of, to what migration means. Fun and filled with interactive activities, it’s perfect for inquisitive minds. Watch now »

Nature Cat

Nature Cat is on Showmax

Fred is like your average lazy cat. But when his owners go to work, he is Nature Cat and joins his friends for exciting outdoors adventures. Beautifully drawn and energetically voiced, don’t miss out on Nature Cat’s next outing. Watch now »

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars

Harriet the Spy Blog Wars is on Showmax

Forget spying – this time Harriet’s biggest challenge is to be named Class Blogger of the Year! But she has tough competition from her rival, Marion. How far will Harriet go to win? Watch now »

South African additions

Dwaalster | Express from kykNET

Dwaalster is on Showmax

The year starts with with a brand-new series. Welcome to the small Karoo town of Maanhaarsdrif, a place where the people are a little strange but very pleasant. It seems things never change here, but a lot goes on underneath… Watch now »

Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi on Showmax

Eager to save her flagging ratings, a disabled television presenter invites a miracle healer onto her show – and challenges him to help her walk again. Winner of several festival awards, this tense drama shouldn’t be missed. Watch now »

Beyond the River

Beyond the River is on Showmax

Despite coming from very different worlds, in 2014 Siseko Ntondini and Piers Cruickshanks won gold in the tough Dusi Canoe Marathon. This movie tells their amazing story, which will resonate with every South African. Watch now »

Hidden Heart

Hidden Heart is on Showmax

When Christian Barnard did the first heart transplant in 1967, Hamilton Naki, a black man, played an equal part in the sensational operation. This is how determination, discipline and the traits of both men moved mountains. Watch now »


Winnie is on Showmax

Get to know Winnie Mandela, the stoic freedom fighter who was as famous for her activism as the controversies that surrounded her. Watch now »

Isibaya S5

Isibaya on Showmax

The drama reaches a fever pitch in this new season. Thandi’s offer of love is cruelly rebuffed, while Zama plots against her family – who are plotting against her! The stakes have never been higher in SA’s most loved drama. Watch now »

Pop Lock ‘n Roll

Pop Lock 'n Roll on Showmax

Raps is all about the money and success he can find with his street dancing skills. He finally gets that big break, only to fall in love with his gangster patron’s girlfriend. Is he willing to risk it all just to have her? Watch now »

Love By Chance

Love By Chance on Showmax

Two South African actors are working hard to break into the Hollywood scene – so hard that dating is the last thing on their minds. But love has a way of making itself heard in this sweet romcom. Watch now »

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