What to watch on Showmax: 4 January 2019

3 January 2019

What to watch on Showmax: 4 January 2019

Here are the series, movies, documentaries and kids’ shows that have already launched on Showmax in January.

International series

HBO’s Room 104 S2 | First on Showmax

When you enter Room 104, you don’t know what will happen next or if you’ll ever return… This new season brings a fresh anthology of terrifying, funny, strange and macabre tales, each episode a unique experience. Watch now »

The Bold Type S2 | First on Showmax

Things are going well: Jane’s first major article is published, Sutton can see if anything happens with Richard and Kat is changing attitudes around her. But this new season isn’t going to stay so polite… Watch now »

Superstore S3

Cloud 9 is back after being destroyed in a tornado. It’s time to restock the superstore, only nobody told the staff the doors are opening soon! Then there is that kiss between Jonah and Amy – don’t miss this hilarious new season. Watch now »

For all the series added to the platform in January, read this post.


International movies


Shrek is on Showmax

Image: NBC

He’s an ogre who just wants to be left alone and the local ruler agrees – if he goes to rescue a princess. If that’s not bad enough for Shrek, his sidekick is a very annoying talking donkey in this modern animation classic. Watch now »



Fallen is on Showmax

Image: Gravitas

Every day police officers put themselves between us and the criminals trying to cripple our communities. It’s dangerous work and can often cost them their lives. This documentary takes a look at that ultimate sacrifice. Watch now »

Life & Death Row S1-2

Life & Death Row is on Showmax

Step into the harrowing world of life and death in the justice system. From profiling people on death row to the struggle between guilt and innocence in the courts, this series goes where few ever dare to. Watch now »

For all the documentaries added in January, read this post.


Kids’ shows

Mister Maker Comes to Town

Mister Maker is on Showmax

Image: Zodiak Kids

Join Mister Maker as he gets an idea, grabs some crafts and starts making things. Joined by his friends, the shapes, and plenty of songs, this show for preschoolers is creative, engaging and lots of fun. Watch now »

Garfield’s Pet Force

Garfield's Pet Force is on Showmax

Image: 9 Story

He’d rather be napping, but Garfield and his friends are recruited to fight the evil Vetvix in another dimension. If they don’t, she will conquer their world and all its lasagna! Watch now »

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