Where to stream Avatar: The Last Airbender and more animated series

16 July 2020

Where to stream Avatar: The Last Airbender and more animated series

Everyone’s talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender, the anime show that’s become very popular with streaming audiences worldwide. Luckily for South Africans, all three seasons are streaming on Showmax.

Avatar: The Last Airbender S1-3

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar was the master of all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world. Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on Showmax now.

More like Avatar: The Last Airbender

Once you’ve binge-watched all three seasons on Showmax, try these similar picks. If you’re an adult looking for animated shows, check out these brilliant shows that are decidedly not for the whole family.

Star Wars: Resistance S1

Kazuda Xiono, a young pilot for the Resistance, is tasked with a top secret mission to investigate the First Order, a growing threat in the galaxy.

Pokémon: Black & White S14-16

Ash and Pikachu are off on a new adventure: the Unova region, filled with new contests, Pokemon and, of course, lots of battles! Will they beat ’em all?

LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu S1-10

Follow Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane’s journeys to master their elemental powers and Spinjitzu weapons so that they can protect the land of Ninjago. (Find more of your fave LEGO characters on Showmax here.)

Samurai Jack S1-5

This Adult Swim series has scooped a tonne of Emmys and Annies in its five-season lifespan, and was created by Genndy Tartokovsky as a follow-up to his successful Dexter’s Laboratory series on Cartoon Network. The themes are similar to The Last Airbender, with Samurai Jack battling shape-shifting demon Aku and fighting his internal demons.

Adventure Time S1-4

Follow the adventures of Finn and his adoptive brother Jake, who happens to be a dog with the ability to change shape and size at will. They live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo and interact with some strange characters.

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