Wura Season 1 episodes 65-68 recap: “You drove that boy to suicide”

18 May 2023

Wura Season 1 episodes 65-68 recap: “You drove that boy to suicide”

The past few weeks of Wura have led up to this momentous day when Lolu marries Mandy. Every guest looks spectacular, with Labake’s attire so stunning that Ebun and Iyabo couldn’t help but shower her with praises.

“Aunty Labake, you are shining! Your dress is so fine,” exclaims Ebun upon seeing her mother’s friend. Iyabo, ever the dramatic one, goes even further with her compliments. “Wow! My dear friend, you look as if you are the one they are coming to marry,” she says.

At the venue, the crème de la crème of society gather to witness the union of two influential families! Mandy is overflowing with joy. She can’t wait to become a Mrs Adeleke.

However, Lolu seems devoid of excitement. While drums are beaten and songs sung outside, he drowns his sorrows. Eve approaches his room, brimming with enthusiasm, only to have her heart shattered on seeing him with a bottle of whiskey. It breaks even further when he confesses that he can’t proceed with the marriage.

Lolu and Eve in Wura

“I understand how much this sham of a marriage is killing you, and I can’t bear to see you like this,” she tells him. “I want you to know that no matter what you decide, I will always support you, even if that means walking [away] right now.”

But Lolu can’t bring himself to walk away. He can’t cancel the wedding again. So, he takes an alternative course of action.

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An angry sister and a heartbroken father

Wura , Eve and Tony in Wura S1

Lolu’s decision on his wedding day lands him in the hospital, leaving his father, Tony, worried and confused. He desperately seeks to understand what happened, while Wura pretends to be ignorant. However, Eve can no longer bear the agony and decides to reveal the truth.

“Lolu never wanted to marry Mandy,” she confesses to her father while Wura tries to silence her. “Dad, you know how you’ve been looking for answers as to why Lolu would do something like this? Your son is gay.”

Once again, Wura tries to hush Eve, but she stands her ground. When Tony, their father, asks his wife if she knows anything, she denies it, further angering Eve. “Dad, I haven’t told you everything,” she says later. “Mom knew Lolu was gay and still forced him to get married.” As Tony tries to process this overwhelming revelation, the doctor arrives and informs him and his family that Lolu is braindead.

Tumi professes love to Dimeji 

Tumi in Wura S1

Tumi unexpectedly comes across Dimeji with another lady, which sparks feelings of jealousy even though she had previously ended their relationship. The signs of her jealousy and concern are evident on her face. She loses her appetite and becomes unaware of the discussions happening around her. Mide and Iyabo are confused, and even if Tumi were to explain, they might not fully grasp the complexity of her emotions. She consequently seeks solace in confiding in Ewa.

“It’s about Dimeji. I saw him holding hands with another girl,” she tells Ewa, who asks why she is in her head. Her answer surprises Ewa because everyone knows Dimeji will cross the seven seas for Tumi. Ewa advises her to pursue him if she is genuinely interested in him.

Taking Ewa’s advice, Tumi decides to act on her feelings, and unsurprisingly, Demeji returns to her side.

A remorseful Wura 

Wura has two revealing conversations in the final episode of this week’s Wura, which shed light on her character in a different way. The first conversation takes place with an unlikely sympathiser: her mother-in-law. Surprisingly, her mother-in-law refrains from passing judgment. She comprehends that Wura’s actions, however morally questionable, were motivated by a desire to secure the family’s future.

Wura is remorseful

The second conversation occurs with the person who holds all of her secrets – Jeje. Overwhelmed with emotion, Wura tells him she thinks Lolu’s current condition is her karma. “I am being punished for all the lives that I have ruined,” she says in tears. “Olusegun Kuti. Femi, Labake’s child. This is payment for my sins. I am being punished for my sins. What if Lolu doesn’t wake up?”

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