Youngins Season 1 Episodes 34-36: The heist

By Gen Terblanche26 April 2024

Youngins Season 1 Episodes 34-36: The heist

The plan is in action in Episodes 34-36 of Youngins. Khaya reveals that he’s seen inappropriate underaged photos on Principal Mthembu’s iPad and admits that the only reason that the Principal has outwitted them is that Khaya snitched on their original attempts to expose him.

With a mission greater than their anger against Khaya, the five unite to attempt to steal the principal’s iPad for evidence, and when that fails, they go on Tumelo’s TikTok to create a viral video in which they name and shame Principal Mthembu, reveal what happened to Zintle (Lihle Ngubo) while protecting her identity, and call on any surviving grooming victims to step forward so that they can raise their voices together. On the less serious side, Amo and Mahlatse share their first (and second) kiss, and Khaya scores the winning goal in the final football game of the season, in front of a talent scout. 

What happened in Youngins Episodes 31-33

The students were struck by revelations around the time of the Inter House Athletics Day. Amo (Ayakha Ntunja) gave Khaya (Toka Matabane) back his promise ring after she found out that he’d snitched to Principal Mthembu (Loyiso Macdonald) about their plan to expose him as a groomer. Khaya won a R100 bet with Sefako (Tabile Tau) that he could win back Buhle (Kealeboga Masango) within two weeks. After Mahlatse (Thabiso Ramotshela) assaulted Tshepo (Tshepo Matlala) for sexually harassing Palesa (Amogelang Telekelo), Amo reminded him that his gentleness is part of what makes him a great guy, and they finally became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Khaya caught Tumelo (Lebohang Lephatsoana) and Sefako together, but reassured Sefako that being gay is okay. Tumelo sacrificed everything, including his friends and his style, to be with Sefako until Alex (Katlego Moloke) invited him to the Pride Inter House Party and he realised that the relationship was draining him of joy. And Khaya froze up when he stumbled across one of Principal Mthembu’s secrets.

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What happens in Youngins Episode 34?

Amo teases Mahlatse when he claims he dreamed about her, but can’t admit what she was doing in his dream. Khaya ghosts his urgent meeting with Amo to run to Buhle with good news: he’s just gotten an above-average pass mark, and Principal Mthembu has invited a talent scout to the last match of the season.

Khaya comforts Sefako when he finds him crying over losing Tumelo, and he tries to cheer up his buddy for their last football game of the season. Tumelo tells Mahlatse that he misses him more than TikTok and reveals that he dumped Sefako to escape their toxic relationship. And when Mahlatse admits to Tumelo that he bailed on possibly kissing Amo because he had a dry mouth and bad breath, Tumelo repeatedly threatens to kiss him until Mahlatse takes Amo aside to go in for their first kiss. Alas, he snogs her like he’s trying to screw in a lightbulb, and Amo gets the ick!

The kids go wild when Khaya scores a match-winning penalty goal, so Principal Mthembu is taken aback when Khaya brushes him off. But Khaya’s on a mission. He asks Buhle to get their group together in private and tells them, “Principal Mthembu is a paedophile”, before revealing that he saw the underaged nudes on the Principal’s tablet.

What happens in Youngins Episode 35?

If Khaya is expecting his friends to be shocked, they’re not. They already know the principal is rotten. They’re furious when Khaya finally admits that the principal has always seemed 10 steps ahead of them only because Khaya snitched. Their reaction has Khaya feeling as if he’s being punished for trying to do the right thing, or that the others don’t share his urgency when it comes to stopping the principal. He doesn’t quite grasp the fact that these are the consequences of his “if it didn’t happen to me, it can’t have happened to you” attitude. 

Mahlatse orders Tumelo to apologise to Amo, and Tumelo finds out that Amo forgives easily when you’re sincere. Amo reminds everyone that the danger of the principal preying on the female students outweighs any of their anger against Khaya, while Khaya promises to try to get his hands on Principal Mthembu’s tablet. But it won’t be easy, especially after the principal sneaks up behind Khaya and finds him snooping through his personal messages! It’s clear that Khaya won’t be Principal Mthembu’s special boy anymore after this. 

Khaya explains to his friends that it was hard for him to believe anything bad about the principal, since he was the only adult who gave Khaya hope for his future. And Amo admits that lying can be a defence mechanism when there are things you just can’t talk about – like seeing your father shoot your mother right in front of you. After a serious talk, captain Khaya rallies his team, announcing that they have a principal to destroy and a heist to carry out. And Amo reassures Mahlatse that she’ll never dump him over one kiss, leading to a second kiss that makes them both smile like fools. 

What happened in Youngins Episode 36?

The heist is in motion. Mahlatse flops at bribing the security guard to switch off the cameras in the principal’s office, Buhle gets the principal out of his office by asking him to raid the dorms of boys who’re selling alcohol, Sefako interrupts Tumelo while he’s supposed to be distracting the secretary, and Amo and Khaya see the secretary take the principal’s tablet before they can snatch it. The heist is a flop.

Later Amo accepts a sincere apology from Khaya and they hug, reawakening some dangerous feelings. Mahlatse has a brainwave when Tumelo hops on TikTok to announce that he’s burdened. What if they exposed Principal Mthembu on Tumelo’s TikTok? Tumelo has to be peer-pressured into agreeing, but Plan B is on the go. Amo distracts Matron Lulu (Sannah Mnchunu) by “confiscating” Buhle’s new “adult toy” and handing it to her like a snitch. Matron is shocked, and will need to spend the evening in her room praying for these sinful students with the door locked! 

With Matron busy, the five gather in Buhle and Amo’s dorm to go live. The likes and comments flood in as Amo announces that at Olifantsfontein High, “Principal Mthembu is a predator and a paedophile who preys on young, vulnerable girls … one of the girls he abused fell pregnant, and he told her to abort his child that he didn’t want. And now, she’s no more. So please, if any of you are out there – If you see what the principal is doing. If he touches you, talks to you, if he even looks at you in a weird way, please come and talk to us. We will fight for you. We won’t allow him to do what he is doing”. 

Buhle assures their viewers that if anyone comes forward, they can raise their voices together and make the whole country aware of what Principal Mthembu is doing. And everyone in the group joins in to say, “I believe Amo.”

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What is Youngins about?

Tshedza Pictures’ (Adulting, Outlaws) Youngins follows five students at government boarding school Olifantsfontein High – new girl Amo Mosweu (Ayakha Ntunja), head girl Buhle Kunene (Kealeboga Masango), Buhle’s soccer star boyfriend Khaya Jali (Toka Matabane), Tumelo Dibakwane (Lebohang Lephatsoana) who’s the only openly gay boy in school, and his Grade 10 friend and roommate Mahlatse Jiyane (Thabiso Ramotshela), who’s the school’s drug dealer. After Amo uncovers Principal Mthembu’s (Loyiso Macdonald) predatory behaviour around female students, she and her four new friends become targets. 

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