Faith Kibathi on reuniting with Lenana Kariba on Single Kiasi S3

5 March 2024

Faith Kibathi on reuniting with Lenana Kariba on Single Kiasi S3

Fresh off its four Kalasha nominations, Single Kiasi S3 is now streaming on Showmax with new episodes releasing every Tuesday.

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When Lenana Kariba entered the scene as the charming Nick and swept Faith Kibathi’s Rebecca off her feet in Single Kiasi S1, fans on X (formerly Twitter) couldn’t stop swooning about their romance. That was until Nick showed his true colours, proving to Rebecca that, perhaps, dating a mysterious celebrity wasn’t the best way to be adventurous.

A lot has happened in Rebecca’s life since then, and, in the all-new Season 3, Nick is back in her life. As exciting as it is to see this pairing on screen once again, Kibathi doesn’t think Nick deserves another chance with Rebecca.

Single Kiasi S3 on Showmax

“Absolutely not; Rebecca should not give him a chance. Always believe them the first time. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” Kibathi says.

Kibathi, who is a first-time nominee at the recently announced Kalasha Awards, describes her Best Lead Actress nod as “surreal.” “Single Kiasi has stretched my acting skills and being recognised for my role is quite humbling.”

In the interview below, Kibathi shares more about working with Lenana Kariba, receiving love from fans, and what viewers can expect in the new season that is now streaming on Showmax.

Single Kiasi has garnered such a massive following from fans since its first season. How does that make you feel?

I’m humbled, excited and grateful that the hard work we put in the show is being appreciated by the fans and that the whole team really shows up. If it wasn’t a good show, we wouldn’t have amazing fans. We could easily start a Single Kiasi support group.

As a proud Nakuru babe, do people recognise you from Single Kiasi when you go back home?

Yes, they do. In fact, even in other towns they walk up to me and say, ‘I’m also from Nakuru and you make us proud!’ The icing on the cake was when I was on a billboard that was put up in Nakuru. My mum was over the moon.

What has been the best reaction that you’ve received about your character from fans?

My best moment was when one of our fans said that the show and my character helped her process her co-parenting situation and that she’s currently getting help to make it better. I love that Single Kiasi not only entertains but it also tackles real-life issues.

Rebecca started out as naïve in Season 1 and her character has evolved so much since then. Are you proud of her journey?

We have seen Rebecca morph through the seasons and I am very proud of who she has become. With every test, she has become stronger and more resilient. Her story is inspiring to many women who are made to feel insufficient or unworthy and her self-love is admirable.

Lenana Kariba is back in the new season after having been missing in Season 2. How was it acting alongside him again?

I love that we have a wonderful working chemistry on- and off-screen; very few people get to say that. We have worked together before in other productions but this is the first time our characters get to interact together a lot.

The minute I realised he was coming back for Season 3, I got excited because there is always drama with Rebecca and Nick.

Let’s talk about The Real Housewives of Nairobi, which your co-star Minne Kariuki is in. She’s definitely your favourite Housewife, right?

The show is amazing and I am eagerly waiting for Season 2. Minne is obviously my favourite Housewife because she will always keep me entertained and has kept it real since the beginning. I also like that I get mini updates of her life from the show.