Our 5 favourite Kenyan heartthrobs on Showmax

26 June 2017

Our 5 favourite Kenyan heartthrobs on Showmax

Despite their blood-sucking fangs and uncontrollable urge to kill with the appearance of a full moon, vampires and werewolves do have their up-sides. I mean, c’mon, have you seen The Vampire Dairies’ Salvatore brothers or Teen Wolf’s Derek Hale? Have you seen their jawlines? Their ripped arms, toned bods? Sorry to be creepy, but this is the only time you are allowed to obsess over someone else’s body parts (Hey there, Dexter).

For now, though, let’s steer away from our supernatural fantasies. Just like we brought you our favourite Kenyan femme fatales on Showmax, we now present you these swoon-worthy Kenyan men currently stealing hearts on Showmax.

  1. Nick Mutuma

Remember when Nick was just a boy with baby locks and a cute half-smile, getting nice things from a sugar mummy in Tabasamu? How far we have come! Now look at him, standing tall at 6-foot (dear Nick, if this is not true, blame Google) and breaking women’s hearts across Africa as Leo in Shuga and as Tomide in This Is It, a story about two newlyweds just trying to navigate their way through married life.

But Nick, being Nick, is so good you have to see him twice: he also appears as the President’s spoilt son in State House.


  1. Neville Misati

There isn’t a Kenyan actor better defined by the trio of “tall, dark and handsome” than Neville Misati. He knows it, and he wears it well. At least that is what we see when we watch him play the role of Nelson in How to Find a Husband, the guy chasing after Lizz Njagah’s character Abigail.


  1. Lenana Kariba

Let’s call him the man with smouldering eyes and an enviable afro (seriously, Lenana, who’s your barber?). For an actor who played the role of a contracted killer in Love or Die, it comes as little surprise to see him embody the role of an obsessive chef keen on stealing another man’s wife in How to Find a Husband and as a ruthless criminal in Lies that Bind.


  1. Darrel Gee

When he’s not breaking bones and issuing threats as a ripped henchman in Jane and Abel, he is in a fashion show somewhere owning the runaway. Just an FYI, Darrel is the current Male Model of the Year for the Kenya Fashion Awards 2016/2017. There, there, drink some water.


  1. Fareed Khimani

In Kona, Fareed Khimani plays Nini Wacera’s love interest Patrick, a character that starts off really douche-y but ends up to be the man that Nini falls in love with. No one is blaming you, Nini, we see why it had to be him.


Our honourable mentions

Pascal Tokodi – He plays Guy in musical drama Groove Theory, Kenya’s own version of Glee.


Robert Agengo – Catch him in Changes, alongside Fareed Kimani and Ian Mbugua.


Hmm, we’ll understand if you’ll want to download these shows to watch later – here, we show you how.

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