5 reasons to watch Sue na Jonnie

28 February 2018

5 reasons to watch Sue na Jonnie

Here’s why you can’t miss the hit Kenyan comedy-drama about a hustler who hits the jackpot when he lands a lucrative job that was meant for someone else. Season 1 is now streaming on Showmax.

Television power duo Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja (The Real Househelps of Kawangware) can never go wrong with comedy. Give these two any story idea and they will add just the right amount of shenanigans and make a hit TV show out of it.

Look at what they did with Sue na Jonnie, a comedy drama that revolves around a hustler, Jonnie (played by How to Find a Husband’s Martin Githinji), who hits the jackpot when he lands a lucrative job that was meant for someone else with the same name. But when life is tough, blessings are blessings and Jonnie is not about to let his good luck slip through his fingers. To cover up his lie, he hires Sue (Catherine Kamau) who’s desperate to make some money to play his girlfriend. Now what could possibly go wrong with such a solid plan? As it turns out, everything. Watch now »

Great news, the complete first season of Sue na Jonnie is now available to stream or download on Showmax. That means you can now binge the entire 30 episodes of Season 1 whenever you feel like it.

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Buckle up guys, this is a must-watch. Here are five reasons why:

1. Martin Githinji and Catherine Kamau’s on-screen chemistry

As the titular characters Sue and Jonnie, Martin Githinji and Catherine Kamau may be a fake couple who constantly get on each other’s nerves in the course of their pretend relationship but these two are a match made in heaven. Whether they are roasting one another or just being daily partners in crime, Sue and Jonnie carry the show with their love-hate relationship. Watch now »


2. Catherine Kamau is a total street-smart badass

Catherine Kamau was known for a long time to her fans as Selina – a character she played on Mother-in-Law – has finally managed to shake off that moniker by playing an even bigger role as Sue in Sue na Jonnie. Other than her envious clap-backs and no-nonsense attitude, she packs a mean punch as well, not the kind of woman you want to mess with in “these streets”. Not to brag or anything, but she’s scared a few men on the show and she may have or may have not gut-kicked a security guard in one of the scenes. It helps that Catherine also doubles as the creator of the show. Watch now »

3. Authentic Kenyan humour

The subject of mistaken identity in the world of television is not new but Sue na Jonnie hits the sweetest spot with it. The result is a funny dramatic comedy that combines Kenya’s street humour, trends and mtaani culture to create one of the most authentic shows to ever come out of Kenya. Here, you will meet the Instagram slay queens you see on your timeline, your “boys” who feel no shame freeloading in your house, kanjos who harass hawkers for their last dimes and a whole lot of characters and scenes that are way too familiar. And let’s just say that Sue na Jonnie has a way with words and clapbacks unlike any other show out there. You have to give it to Abel Mutua for his excellent writing. Watch now »

4. Never short of drama and shenanigans

People who live double lives will do anything to protect their secret, even the craziest things like conspiring to dump a body to destroy any evidence. But that’s not all. From foiled alliances to jealous girlfriends setting their boyfriend’s house on fire to catfights mixed with some well-deserved wig snatching, Sue na Jonnie just keeps dishing drama after drama. Even the hilarious narration at the beginning of each episode can’t help it. Watch now »

5. It’s an award-winning show

Sue na Jonnie bagged all the three awards it was nominated for at the 2017 Kalasha Awards, making it the second most awarded title of the night after Mbithi Masya’s Kati Kati. The show took home the award for Best TV Drama, Best Actor in a TV Drama for Martin Githinji and Best Actress in a TV Drama for Catherine Kamau. There are only better things ahead for this show that continues to capture the hearts of viewers. Watch now »


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