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Tokyo Vice S1 on Showmax

Tokyo Vice S1

In this powerful HBO crime thriller based on true events, a Western journalist working in Tokyo takes on one of the city’s most powerful crime bosses.

The Winning Ticket is on Showmax

The Winning Ticket (2024)

A happy family lives simply when their youngest daughter prays for them to win the lotto. Their lives drastically change when they do.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
(From left): Woody McClain as Cain, Alix Lapri as Effie, Michael Rainey Jr as Tariq and Gianni Paolo as Brayden in Power Book II: Ghost S3 on Showmax

Power Book II: Ghost S3

The story of Power continues as Tariq St Patrick grapples with a new world order and faces the task of rescuing his family. 

Moonshine Season 2 on Showmax

Moonshine S2

The Canadian comedy-drama with a “dreamy, summer vibe”, Moonshine, returns for a raucous, raunchy second season on Showmax.

When We Were Bullies is on Showmax

When We Were Bullies (2022)

A mind-boggling coincidence leads the filmmaker to track down his fifth-grade class and fifth-grade teacher to examine their memory of and complicity in a bullying incident 50 years ago.

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show S1 on Showmax

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show S1

A docuseries following Jerrod Carmichael in his encounters with friends, family and strangers, all in his search for love, sex and connection.

Ten Pound Poms - Season 1 on Showmax

Ten Pound Poms S1

In post-war Britain, a group leave for Australia. The Roberts family tries to make the best of their situation, but life at the shelter tests them.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on Showmax

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (2023)

After travelling to Greece for a family reunion, a woman attempts to locate her deceased father’s childhood friends. 

Chicago Med - Season 8 on Showmax

Chicago Med S1-8

The creator of the explosive ‘Chicago’ series brings us another compelling instalment, in this pulse-pounding medical drama about the courageous team of doctors at the city’s trauma centre.

The Cleaning Lady S3 on Showmax

The Cleaning Lady S3

A marginalised Cambodian doctor in the US struggles to keep her ill son alive. She becomes a cleaning lady for an organised crime syndicate to save him.

Colin from Accounts S1 on Showmax

Colin from Accounts S1

Ashley and Gordon are two single-ish, complex humans brought together by a car accident and an injured dog in this hilarious series.

Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie on Showmax

Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie (2023)

Two teens transformed into superheroes join forces to protect their city from a villain in this animated movie for the whole family.

Musangwe is on Showmax

Musangwe (2024)

An arrogant aspiring boxer goes on a journey of self-discovery when he’s introduced to an indigenous bare-knuckle combat sport.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Frederick Douglass In Five Speeches on Showmax

Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches

Acclaimed actors bring to life the words of Frederick Douglass, an American anti-slavery activist, with readings from his autobiographies to illustrate how his words about racial injustice still resonate deeply today.

The Sixth Commandment on Showmax

The Sixth Commandment S1

Follow the events that unfolded after the real-life deaths of Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin in a Buckinghamshire village.

Survivor Season 44 on Showmax

Survivor SA S6-9 and USA S44

It’s the ultimate binge: season after season of Survivor, both the US and SA versions. Go on – dive in! 

Curb Your Enthusiasm on Showmax

Curb Your Enthusiasm S1-12

Larry David plays Larry David in every single episode of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning comedy series.

Icahn: The Restless Billionaire on Showmax

Icahn: The Restless Billionaire

Explore the contradictions of billionaire Carl Icahn, who was at the forefront of some of the most legendary business deals of our times.

Caitlin Bassett as Addison, Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song in Quantum Leap S2 on Showmax

Quantum Leap S2

As lead physicist Ben Song takes an unauthorised leap into 1985, the Quantum Leap team have to figure out how to get him back.

Supercell on Showmax

Supercell (2023)

A teenage boy runs away to follow his father’s footsteps, legendary storm chaser Bill Brody in this action movie.

Jessica Barden as Emma in You & Me S1 on Showmax

You & Me S1

Can three people who have experienced tragedy find hope and love again in the future, or will the past always hold them back?

(L-R): Toney Goins as Philip Charyn, Daniel Breaker as Roger “Scooter” Dunbar, Corey Stoll as Michael "Mike" Prince, Babak Tafti as Bradford Luke and Dola Rashad as Kate Sacker in Billions S7 on Showmax

Billions S1-7

This award-winning addictive drama follows the high-stakes cat-and-mouse game between a ruthless US attorney (Paul Giamatti) and the wealthy, powerful players at the helm of high-finance firm Axe Capital.

Time S2 on Showmax

Time S2

A tense and gritty British prison anthology series that looks at a new scenario of life in prison. Season 2 focuses on a women’s prison.

Hope Mbhele (left) in Umkhokha on Showmax

Umkhokha: The Curse S1

The critically acclaimed series revolves around the ensuing fight to take over the leadership position of one of the biggest churches in KZN.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa