Red Ink episode 6 recap: Hope eternal

13 March 2024

Red Ink episode 6 recap: Hope eternal

In the latest episode of Red Ink on Showmax, Lucy makes a shocking discovery, and we learn about the involvement of a mysterious politician known only as The Sponsor. As Lucy seeks answers from Sifiso, she uncovers even more disturbing revelations. Here’s the recap:

Lucy tries to track down Sifiso

Red Ink on Showmax

Worried about Fundi’s involvement with KK, Lucy looks for answers. Her search leads her to Napoleon’s former home. She questions his old landlord and encounters a significant clue involving a mysterious wealthy man.

Lucy makes a shocking discovery

Red Ink on Showmax

While searching the room Napoleon rented before his arrest, Lucy finds a clue: a set of numbers. She also discovers a packet filled with Polaroid photos of all the women Napoleon murdered. Terrifyingly, there’s evidence of 35 murders, but Napoleon was only convicted of 20. With 15 unsolved murders to investigate, Lucy hands over the evidence to Detective Morapedi, who warns her to step away from the case and let the police do their jobs. 

Sifiso warns Lucy she’s in danger

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In a clandestine meeting, Sifiso warns Lucy that KK could be using Fundi to get to her. KK is connected to influential, bad people, and she’s on their list. Meanwhile, across the city, KK uses the FriendTracker app on Fundi’s phone to track Lucy’s location and sends her coordinates to a shady associate. 

Sifiso unveils his and Napoleon’s past

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As Lucy delves deeper into the twins’ tumultuous history, Sifiso shares a harrowing tale of their upbringing in the orphanage Hope Eternal under Harriet Khuzwayo’s tyrannical rule. Sifiso reveals their descent into a life of crime, encountering the elusive figure The Sponsor. Lucy pushes Sifiso to disclose the identity of The Sponsor, but before he can, they are attacked by KK’s man. Lucy makes a run for it.

Lucy pieces the puzzle together

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Lucy realises that KK used the FriendTracker app on Fundi’s phone to track her down. As she untangles the mystery, she puzzles over The Sponsor’s involvement and how KK fits into the picture. And what about the numbers she found in the pack of photos? Lucy figures it out: it’s a set of coordinates. 

Another body is discovered

Red Ink on Showmax

Lucy and Kagiso follow the trail to a remote forested area. Could it be where Napoleon’s missing victims are buried? When police dig up the site, they find the remains of a body, but shockingly, it’s not any of the women from the Polaroids. The body is identified as Rachel Ramasedi, a girl who went missing many years ago, throwing suspicion on the soon-to-be MEC, Kofi Motaung. Could Kofi Motaung be The Sponsor? 

KG and Lucy try to leak the story

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Kagiso and Lucy confront Kofi Motaung, hoping to get a comment they can use in an article they hope will pressure and investigate the politician. Unsurprisingly, Motaung denies everything and manages to block the story’s release. KG’s former editor warns them that running it will be too dangerous. Lucy realises she’s just made herself a target. 

As the mystery deepens and the danger escalates, we can’t wait to see what happens next on Red Ink. Stay tuned to Showmax. New episodes land every Tuesday.

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