The Wife Season 3 episodes 58-60: Hlomu and Mqhele’s tragic deaths

By Xabiso Ngqabe6 April 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 58-60: Hlomu and Mqhele’s tragic deaths

The season finale for The Wife comes with a twisty ending involving numerous tragedies and a new beginning. The Wife Season 3 episodes 58-60 are now available to binge-watch on Showmax. 

For three seasons, viewers were hooked on the thrilling story of the Zulu brothers’ formidable crime family in Showmax’s groundbreaking telenovela. As we’ve now come to expect from this Showmax hit series, the finale marks the end of an era. This week’s episodes see the death of not only Hlomu, who gets strangled by her husband Mqhele, but also Mqhele, who gets surrounded by cops and gunned down. Meanwhile, war erupts in the royal kingdom as community members attack Kgosi and force a confession out of him. 

A devastating ending we didn’t see coming for some characters but a fresh start for the star-crossed lovers Qhawe and Naledi, whose on-screen chemistry continued to set Twitter alight throughout this season. Let’s get into it!

Hlomu to flee the country

Hlomu on The Wife Season 3 finale now streaming on Showmax

The episode opens up with Hlomu having held up her end of the deal after ratting out the Zulu brothers to the cops. She meets up with Detective Baloyi, who gives her a passport with her new identity as Jessica Ntombela. She will disguise as a widow emigrating to Canada as a writer/researcher. The flight is booked and she is ready to go. Baloyi even got her a new job overseas to help her start afresh.

Back at the Zulu house, Mqhele tells Hlomu that his police contact informed him that there’s someone working with Detective Baloyi to give him damning evidence about them. Hlomu fears for her life and informs Baloyi that Mqhele is aware of the situation. Meanwhile, Mqhele and his police contact plan an escape for Mqoqi and Sambulo, who are in jail. When he gets to the station, he finds a file in Baloyi’s office, with the name Jessica Ntombela associated with the Zulu case.

The community want the chief’s head

The walls are closing in on Chief Kgosi as the community members camp outside the Montsho mansion, chanting, “The Chief must be killed”. He tries to calm them down, listing the things he has done for the community. They storm inside the luxurious mansion, and take the chief to the dungeon where he has killed so many people.

Naledi and Tshedi with the community members on The Wife Season 3 finale now on Showmax

The chief finds a way  to escape, and  the community members accuse Naledi and Tshedi of aiding in their father’s escape. The mob wants to kill the sisters but Qhawe arrives right on time to save them. “Folks, please. I know that the chief is not a good person. He also tried to kill us. My star and Tshedi, I’ll bring your father back,” says Qhawe.

Hlomu and Mqhele’s tragic demise 

It’s all systems go for Hlomu, who has her luggage ready to flee the country but Mqhele beats her to it when he tells her that they need to pack and head to Mauritius, as Kgosi’s people want to kill them. Just as they are about to leave, Mqhele returns to the house to fetch his spare gun and comes across Hlomu’s file, containing police paperwork, and guess what Mqhele sees next? A passport with the name Jessica Ntombela! Yes, the same name he saw in Detective Baloyi’s documents. It doesn’t take him long to realise that Hlomu sold them out!

The Wife Season 3 finale now streaming on Showmax

They drive to a dodgy location where Mqhele shows Hlomu her envelope with all her documents. “Baloyi forced me to do it,” says Hlomu, terrified of what Mqhele might do to her. When he hears the sounds of police sirens, Mqhele strangles Hlomu to death. “You know how much I love you, right? I made a vow at our wedding that only death would separate us … Farewell my love.”

Mqhele in The Wife Season 3 finale now streaming on Showmax

The police arrive shortly after Mqhele murders his wife, and order him to exit the car. He steps out, surrounded by cops and he’s gunned down in the most tragic manner. It’s a devastating moment happening at the taxi rank, where Hlomu and Mqhele first met, and they meet their tragic demise right there.

The fall of Chief Kgosi 

Kgosi approaches the zama-zama miners for assistance, and while negotiating with them, Qhawe walks in and as usual, he starts insulting him. He challenges Qhawe to a fight and when Qhawe beats him up, he tells the miners that Qhawe is the one who killed one of their own, Sello. 

Qhawe, appealing to the miners, says, “So you’re going to kill me? Huh? He’s the one you should be killing. He’s the one who took everything from you. For years you’ve mined for him but you have never received a single diamond. Now’s the time to claim what’s rightfully yours. So will it be my head on the platter or will you take back what’s yours?” Before you know it, the entire gang  of miners circle the chief and they kill him.

Tshedi and Naledi in The Wife Season 3 finale now streaming on Showmax

Molefi brings the chief’s lifeless, blood-soaked body to the royal house for everyone to see. Moments later, they announce Tshedi as the new princess to take over the throne

A happy ending for Qhaledi

The very final scene takes place a few months later, with Qhawe and Naledi getting married. Nkosana gives a speech asking his fellow brothers to pay respect to their family members who have departed. In this scene, we establish that the remaining brothers are Nkosana, Sambulo, Qhawe, Mqoqi, and Ntsika. We also see a baby stroller next to Qhawe and Naledi, indicating that they have a child, the surviving twin.

Qhawe and Naledi get married in The Wife Season 3 finale now streaming on Showmax

Now it’s your time to relive all the moments, binge-watching all three seasons of The Wife, now streaming on Showmax. 

Watch the trailer of The Wife Season 3 finale

After three seasons, Mzansi’s most loved and talked about telenovela has come to an end, bringing the highly anticipated closure to lives of the Zulu brothers and the women they married. The Wife Season 3 finale comes with a lot of devastating moments, but also leaves room for victorious ones. 

Hlomu gets a new identity as Jessica Ntombela, ready to pack her things and flee the country. When Mqhele finds out who has been feeding the cops with damning evidence about the Zulus, will Hlomu make it out alive? Back at the Royal Thabeng, the chief has his back against the wall. Will the community members put an end to the suffering under the leadership of chief Kgosi Lerumo Montsho?

All episodes of The Wife are streaming on Showmax

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