The Wife Season 3: All the times Qhawe and Naledi have broken up 

By Xabiso Ngqabe16 February 2023

The Wife Season 3: All the times Qhawe and Naledi have broken up 

Showmax hit telenovela The Wife is known for its twists and turns. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger that leaves viewers wanting more. Qhawe and Naledi, who have been touted as a power couple, have been through a lot since the beginning of the season. One moment love lives here and the next, their relationship gets thwarted by something beyond their control.

We’re looking at the third season so far, as fans keep wondering how many times Qhawe and Naledi have broken up and whether they will ever live happily together again.

It’s been a bumpy ride for #Qhaledi and while many viewers are still rooting for the star-crossed couple, some just want them to call it quits. The constant push and pull has not only gummed up the momentum between the two but has also pushed Naledi away more than once.

From Naledi’s meddling father who drives a wedge between the two, to the handpicked Tswana man who has become a thorn in the couple’s side, here are all the times and reasons Qhawe and Naledi had to put a pause button on their developing relationship:

When Qhawe was held captive in Royal Thabeng 

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When Kgosi hired his people to kidnap Naledi and beat up Qhawe, he made it clear that he didn’t want a Zulu anywhere near his princess. This pushed Qhawe to go to Royal Thabeng to fight for Naledi, his love. The Zulu man got himself locked up in the dungeon and at this time Naledi was forced to marry Sefako. The Tswana doctor had to choose between duty and love: she had no choice but to choose the Tswana suitor over Qhawe.

But when Naledi was ready to tie her life to another man who was not Qhawe, the Zulu brother arrived on time to stop the wedding and took Naledi back to Joburg with him. 

After the sex tape scandal 


The couple had a night of passion on a private jet but little did they know that there was a camera capturing them. When the sex tape leaked on social media, Naledi blamed Qhawe and this led to yet another fight between the two. 

They fought again when Qhawe accused Naledi’s sister of being the one responsible for filming and leaking the sex tape. She broke up with Qhawe and was ready to go back home, much to her father’s delight as he hates the Zulu man so much. Naledi also made a work transfer request to Rustenburg but it wasn’t long before she started blowing up Qhawe’s phone again.

Naledi found out Qhawe killed her brother-in-law


Things were starting to work out between the couple, with Qhawe opening up to her about things within the family. When Naledi found out that Qhawe killed her sister’s husband, Sello, she immediately left Qhawe and told him to forget about her for good. This was followed by Naledi finally accepting her call and choosing to marry Sefako, fulfilling her duty to take the chieftaincy role.

Viewers couldn’t believe this and wondered if their favourite couple would ever find themselves back in each other’s arms.

We’re still reeling from episode 42, when Naledi finally got married to Sefako, and we’re itching for a glimpse of what’s to come. With Qhawe having found out that he’s Mthaniya’s dad, is there any hope for Mzansi’s favourite couple to find their way back to each other? 

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