The Wife Season 3 episodes 52-54 recap: Hlomu catches her first body

By Xabiso Ngqabe23 March 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 52-54 recap: Hlomu catches her first body

Everything is out in the open this week on The Wife Season 3 episodes 52-54 as Hlomu uses her investigative journalist skills to discover the identity of the person who’s been stealing from the Zulu family. Meanwhile, Tshedi and Qhawe team up to take Kgosi down and they also convince Naledi to assist them. Yup, the Montsho daughters are tired of their father, whose cunning ways have resulted in the loss of innocent lives at the Royal Thabeng. 

As we draw closer to the The Wife Season 3 finale, our favourite characters are faced with big tests and there are plenty of reasons to believe that Hlomu could be the most ruthless Zulu wife we’ve seen. Let’s dive right into what goes down on this week’s episodes, now streaming on Showmax.

Hlomu discovers Xoli’s true identity

Hlomu pays Detective Baloyi a visit at the police station as she needs help in finding out who has been stealing from the Zulus.  The detective sees this as an opportunity to throw Hlomu with an ultimatum. He will only help on condition that Hlomu turns state witness and spill the beans about the Zulu brothers’ businesses. Hlomu agrees but whether or not she will hold up her end of the bargain remains to be seen.

Hlomu on The Wife

A little later, Baloyi delivers the good news to Hlomu that the account used to transfer the money belongs to someone with the name Z Majola. Remember the Majolas who were the Zulu brothers’ biggest enemies? Hlomu realises that there could be a Majola relative out there who is behind this. She does a little digging and finds a picture of Xoli on one of the Majola brothers’ social media profiles. Xoli is a Majola! 

Xoli and Mqhele are caught in action

Hlomu pointing a gun at Mqhele in The Wife

Still shocked and eager to tell Mqhele the news about Xoli being a Majola, Hlomu walks in on Mqhele and Xoli in bed together. She grabs a spear and stabs Xoli to death. She then points a gun at Mqhele who’s covered in Xoli’s blood and tells him that Xoli and her mother are in fact Majolas. They quickly cover Xoli’s body and tell the rest of the family that she has disappeared and make it look like she packed her bags and left a goodbye note to Sambulo.

When Xoli’s mom finds that her daughter is nowhere to be found, she announces that she’s leaving. But it’s a little too late, as Mqhele and Hlomu already know the truth. They reveal to the rest of the family that Xoli and her mother are the Majolas. When they interrogate her, she tells everyone about Xoli and Mqhele’s affair, but no one believes her. Mqhele denies it and Hlomu wasted no time standing up for her husband. They force her to give them the bank password to recover the money. 

Tshedi plans to dethrone her father from the royal seat

Qhawe and Tshedi in The Wife Season 3

Tshedi and Qhawe team up to take Chief Kgosi down. She tells Qhawe that her father has done a lot of terrible things in the North West and has to be exposed. Tshedi also warns Qhawe that the zama-zama people haven’t forgotten that he killed some of their own but both of them agree they have a tough job ahead of them.

Tshedi takes it a step further and convinces the community council to remove Kgosi as chief. She tells them how involved Kgosi was in the mine collapse that stole many lives. Moments later, Qhawe, Naledi and Tshedi are caught by Sefako while plotting their way to bring down Kgosi. Sefako has heard the conversation between the three, and wastes no time running to the chief to spill the beans, backed up with a video.

The chief calls a council meeting to try to do damage control, and let’s just say it gets a little spooky for everyone … and bodies drop one by one.

Sambulo is grieving his love, Xoli

Mqhele comforting his brother Sambulo in The Wife

Sambulo is struggling to come to terms with losing Xoli,  and his brother Mqhele comforts him, but Sambulo has no idea what has actually happened. He is yet to find out that Hlomu is responsible for his wife’s disappearance, and that his own brother Mqhele was sleeping with her.

Now that Xoli’s blood is on Hlomu’s hands and only Mqhele knows, the two will have to find a way to make sure no one else discovers the truth. And meanwhile, Hlomu has signed to turn state witness against the Zulu brothers. Will Hlomu testify against her own family? 

Watch the trailer of The Wife Season 3 episodes 52-54

This week on The Wife Season 3 we learn that the truth always has a way of coming out. Our national wife, Hlomu, uncovers the rat in the Zulu mansion when she finds out that Xoli is a Majola. All hell breaks loose when she finds out that not only did Xoli steal millions from the Zulus but she has also been sleeping with Mqhele.

Back at Royal Thabeng, Tshedi and Naledi are convinced that their father is a monster and should be taken off the royal chair. Tshedi is tired of laying low and waiting for approval from her father, so she seeks assistance from the community council to help bring Kgosi down. Will she succeed in her attempt to dethrone her father?

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