Unavailable Housewives, resolved fights: RHOLagos S2 reunion recap

3 April 2024

Unavailable Housewives, resolved fights: RHOLagos S2 reunion recap

Following an intense season of laughter, impeccable fashion, fun events and drama, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Lagos S2 are back for a reunion.

Hosted by Latasha Ngwube, the reunion episode was a mix of everything to be expected and more. From the unavailable cast to resolved fights and misspoken sentences, the cast brought it in and gave us a show. 

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Latasha was able to keep the ladies in check, staying neutral while maintaining a stern, warm and jovial approach to the conversation.

Unavailable cast

Present at the reunion were Faith Morey, Laura Ikeji, Mariam Timmer and Dr Rommel. Iyabo Ojo, Chioma Ikokwu and Tania Omotayo did not show up. Toyin Lawani was unavoidably absent due to health constraints, but she sent a video apologising to her fans and assuring them of her love for them. 

The ladies’ absence at the reunion did not go down well with the cast who were present. Faith insisted on not speaking on her situation with Iyabo, because, in her words, “If she wants me to say anything to her she would have been here. I’m not going to give her what she wants.” 

Dr Rommel, on the other hand, decided to respect the ladies’ choice. “They are my good friends and I just have to respect choices,” he said.

Favourite moments

The ladies revisited their favourite events on the show. Mariam mentioned hers was their time at Zaza, Laura’s was her lip gloss launch and Faith’s was the staycation she had with Laura, Toyin and their kids. 

Faith Morey vs Dr Rommel

As much as reunions are an opportunity to discuss situations that happened on the show and resolve issues, it does not seem like a resolution would be happening between Faith Morey and Dr Rommel. They could not agree on common ground and kept pointing accusing fingers at each other. 

One of the biggest factors in their arguments was their meeting timeline. Faith insisted they started talking in December 2022, while Dr Rommel disagreed, saying they met way before then, but he could not reveal more details due to his profession. Only Faith and Dr Rommel know exactly when they met, and the rest of us might remain in the dark. 

Unseen footage

The producers were benevolent and decided to give fans more juice by revealing some interesting unseen footage. 

Those videos revealed some of the not-so-nice conversations that happened during the season.

If you thought you saw all that Iyabo said about Laura and Faith, the reunion came with extra. It was interesting to see, as one couldn’t help but wonder if that was why Iyabo decided to not attend the reunion. 

The reconciliation of the season

The fights between Faith and Mariam gave what can be called the insult highlight of the season. Faith had called Mariam a raccoon, and then had a shirt with a raccoon face printed on it to prove her point. 

So it came as a nice surprise to see these two ladies discuss their issues on the show and end up reconciling. They shared what they liked most about each other and sealed things with a hug.

The reunion show ended with each lady sharing hints on whether they would be returning for the next season. Only time will tell!

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