Bae Beyond Borders episode 8 recap: Is Chidu’s celibacy an issue for Vuvu?

By Zimkitha12 December 2023

Bae Beyond Borders episode 8 recap: Is Chidu’s celibacy an issue for Vuvu?

Is celibacy going to stand between Vuvu and Chidu’s relationship? It doesn’t look like it. While the two baes are evidently into each other, being intimate with each other will not be on the cards for a while. However, that’s not going to stop them from pursuing a relationship.

They linked up for a date on the latest episode of the Showmax Original reality show Bae Beyond Borders and got a few things off their chests. Vuvu, who doesn’t understand how Chidu could resist her, brought about the celibacy chat as she needed some clarity from him.

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Intimacy is off the table … for now

“I have a lot going on in my mind. But I’m like, ‘I can’t even tell him because obviously, with your celibacy thing. Like, what brought that about? What is that about?’,” she asked.

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Chidu realises that this is an issue for Vuvu. Although he gets it, he’s determined to stand by his decision. He told her: “I know it has been somewhat… I know it has been on your mind. And maybe you think I don’t want to be intimate with you, but that’s not the case.”

Vuvu then told him that her love language is touch. “Like, we’re always all over each other. We’re always touching each other. And I’m just like, are you even really attracted to me? Because when do you think will be the right time for us to take that step? Are you ever gonna be ready to take that step?”. Chidu knows for sure that he’ll be ready to take that step, but just not right now.


“But I really think that there are things that we need to clear first. So, I like to keep it away. And you know, let’s have a discussion. Let’s be sure of what we’re doing, let’s have plans,” he said. The two realised that they’re not really sure about what they’re doing. “I’ve had questions. I’ve had my doubts,” Chidu shared with Vuvu.

“I don’t intend to rush into anything yet. I really don’t feel comfortable here. I’m not even sure of what this is,” he added during a confessional.

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Chidu also brought up another concern. Did Vuvu settle for him? That’s a topic he wanted to clear up. “I would never settle,” Vuvu assured him. “For me loyalty is very important, right? The dynamics of this social experiment are different because I don’t see myself chasing someone around trying to get their attention,” he replied.

The future is bright

Vuvu made it clear that she’s a Xhosa woman and in her culture, women never chase men. “It cannot be me asking the man ‘where are we now? What are we doing?’ Show me. Show me what you want. I follow your lead.” That’s when Chidu got brave enough to ask her for a serious relationship.

“I like you. You’re my spec. On an intellectual level, we do have consistency. We vibe. I can have really intellectual conversations with you. I think I see a future for us, and I want to know if you’re willing to follow me,” he said. In this moment, Vuvu was clearly happy, and her response was: “I do.” Yes, it’s not a marriage proposal but it’s the beginning of something special.

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