Bae Beyond Borders Season 1 episode 7 recap: Mali regrets her decision

By Zimkitha5 December 2023

Bae Beyond Borders Season 1 episode 7 recap: Mali regrets her decision

Touch down, Cape Town! The ladies and their baes have landed in the Mother City and are now working towards building solid relationships. While they’ve only been there for a short amount of time, they’ve had some fun and also seen a bit of drama here and there.  

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Going beneath the surface

While it’s still early days, the couples are now expected to be in a place where they have an idea of who their partners really are beneath the surface. 

On the first night in Cape Town, the love birds had to pick rooms, but this came with a catch: the ladies had to answer questions about their baes and the winning couple would get the best room in the house. Those who came second and third would get a chance to choose their rooms, while the couple in fourth place would get what’s left. The questions included the guys’ favourite songs, their dream travel destinations and their shoe sizes. Peter and Zezethu killed it and scored 9/10. 

“We won the game, and I am in shock. I had no idea that I was going to be able to answer almost every question correctly,” Zezethu said. Luciano and Mali came in second with 8/10, while Vuvu and Chidu came in third place with 7/10. Although Daniel and Nande only scored 6/10, they didn’t feel too bad about it.

How well do you know your bae?

Day two came and the gents were put in the hot seat. The tables turned in the game, and the men were expected to answer questions about their women. Some of the guys weren’t confident in their knowledge of the ladies. “I think the game has put a mirror on every couple here. That we do need to put in a lot more work in getting to know each other better,” Chidu said. 

The game started on a rather awkward note as some of the gents’ answers were incorrect. But they redeemed themselves as the game progressed, showing that they do know their ladies. Questions went from favourite makeup brands, to birthdays and insecurities. However, things didn’t end well for Luciano as he answered incorrectly when asked whether Mali has kids or not. “Yes, I do have a daughter and I told you about this, so I’m not expecting you to get it wrong,” she told him before he could respond. When Luciano revealed “no” as an answer, Mali wasn’t pleased. 

At the end of the game, Daniel, Nande, Zezethu and Peter scored 6/10. Vuvu and Chidu got 5/10, while Luciano and Mali came in last. During the tiebreaker, Peter and Zezethu won, proving that they do pay attention to each other.

Just follow your heart

Just when we thought things would settle down for a bit, Mali made a shocking revelation. “I made a huge mistake and I regret it because I’m bored. I need to talk to Promise, let him know how I feel and that I want him, I don’t want Luciano.” She called him and told him that she had chosen the wrong person and asked him to come to Cape Town. He advised her to speak to Luciano about the situation.

“When we get to the house, I want to talk to Luciano and sit him down and just try and make him understand that there is no spark. And I’m sure that as a grown man he can see that there’s no spark between us.” He sat her down and told her how he feels and the end of it all, she followed her heart. Luciano had to go back home.

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