Anfield gears up for final goodbye for beloved Klopp

9 May 2024

Anfield gears up for final goodbye for beloved Klopp

Jürgen Klopp may not be getting the fairytale ending that he and millions of Liverpool supporters around the globe had envisioned, but that has done little to taint the legacy left by the German manager.

While the Reds will finish this season with just the Carabao Cup to show for, opposed to a possible quadruple that they could have had this season, Klopp leaves Anfield as arguably their most adored manager in the past two decades.

The German leaves having won eight major trophies with Liverpool, including a Premier League title, and a Champions League trophy.

But it’s not just trophies that the German will be remembered for, but rather the special bond he created with Liverpool fans around the world.

He will be remembered for his love for the city of Liverpool, his passion, his celebrations, his warm embraces, that hearty big smile, his entertaining press conferences and so much more.

As Klopp says his final goodbye to Anfield next week, Showmax caught up with a few die-hard Liverpool fans from South Africa to find out what their favourite Klopp moment was over the last nine years.

Gavin Roberts

Probably for me the best moment that comes to mind was the hug between Klopp and Hendo after winning the Champions League, and second to that is the late win over Everton when Klopp ran on the pitch to hug Allison.

Lisa Dyers

One of my favourites must be Klopp’s post-match interview when we beat Barcelona 4-0, and he refers to the team as mentality giants. He says in his interview, “It’s 10 past 10, the children are probably in bed. These boys are f***king unbelievable. I see James Milner crying on the pitch afterwards.”

Neil Ruyters

There are far too many to just choose one. My favourite Jürgen Klopp moments are the ones at the end of the matches when he cheers and does his air punches. I will miss that dearly.

Nabeel Kaloo

Seeing Jürgen Klopp on the dance floor busting out those crazy moves at Liverpool’s private party after they won the Champions League must be up there with my favourite Klopp moment. To see the boss with his cap on backwards dancing with the players was so special and something I won’t ever forget. This shows the relationship he shared with his players, and this is the reason why every single player would run through a brick wall for him.

Angelique Ibrahim

It’s hard to single out just one, but I do have a few that stick out. Klopp ending our Premier League drought was undoubtedly the pinnacle. After years of near misses, Klopp’s Liverpool finally delivered the Premier League title in 2020. Our Champions League glory was special, so was our many comeback victories in Europe.

Thrashing Manchester United several times was so great, and so was winning all our other trophies like the Super Cup, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Carabao Cups, etcetera. Klopp’s infectious passion, coupled with the team’s thrilling style of play, created a truly special era for my club.

Dean Roberts

Without a doubt when Klopp ran on to the field to go celebrate with Ali after Divock Origi scored in the last seconds of the Derby against the Bitters. It was such a real and raw emotional display.

Moosa Varachia

When we lost the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid the first time and the next morning Klopp was out singing and celebrating. He promised we would win it the following year, and lo and behold, we did it!

Jerome Coetzee

I loved every single moment of Jürgen’s time at Liverpool. Liverpool has always been my livelihood and I didn’t think I could love this club any more than I did, but that changed when Klopp walked through the doors at Anfield. Jürgen, thank you for the past nine years.

I was hoping I would visit while you were still in charge, but I know I will have the opportunity one day to thank you in person. Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and know “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Love from a Cape Town scouser.

Abbas Kaloo

I have a few moments. The day we beat Norwich 5-4 and Klopp joined in on the celebrations with the players and he broke his glasses as a result was an unforgettable moment. Each time he has fist pumped the crowd has been memorable. The day Klopp pulled his hamstring during a touchline celebration, as well as his interview after we had just won the Champions League against Spurs, where he said, “Let’s talk about six, baby”. When Klopp thought the media were saying brain f**k, and not brain fog in a press conference. That was hilarious!

Lindsay Scholtz

My best memory would be the Merseyside Derby when Origi scored in injury time and Klopp ran onto the field to hug Alisson. That moment epitomised Klopp.


2 December 2018 is my absolute favourite, Origi scores a late winner and Jürgen runs onto the field to celebrate with Ali. 27 August 2023 is my second favourite, when he pulled his hamstring celebrating away at Newcastle, what a game!

Abdullah Cassim

Probably the most touching moment was when we won the Champions League and a camera followed Klopp’s every move after the final whistle. His embrace and tears with Henderson, his warm embrace with each player, his celebrations with the fans in the stands. It was emotional, it was beautiful and a moment I will never forget as a Liverpool fan.

Kenny Niemach

I will never ever forget the night we beat Barcelona 4-0 in the Champions League. For me that epitomised Klopp and what he is all about. The amount of courage he had to show confidence in players that other managers wouldn’t have shown was amazing. His enthusiasm, his leadership quality. He just made Liverpool a team everyone wanted to support, because of his charismatic attitude and the way he speaks, the way he carries himself, and his belief, not just in Liverpool, but belief in the people who support Liverpool.

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