HBO and HBO Max shows and documentaries to stream

HBO and HBO Max shows and documentaries to stream

When we’re looking for a new show to binge-watch, one that pushes the envelope, offers unconventional and controversial storylines or boasts exceptional production quality, not to mention the A-list celebrities we love, we just know HBO will deliver the goods. 

These are the highly rated, keenly anticipated and eagerly binge-watched HBO and HBO Max series and documentaries available on Showmax.

Plus, we’ve curated five HBO and HBO Max Collection just for you.

Full Circle is on Showmax

Full Circle S1

A star-studded, hard-hitting, mysterious limited crime series. Investigating a botched kidnapping uncovers deep secrets and multiple characters in New York City.

Savior Complex on Showmax

Savior Complex

A hard-hitting documentary about controversial American missionary Renee Bach, who set up a charity for malnourished children in Uganda.

How to with John Wilson S3 on Showmax

How to With John Wilson S3

An HBO comedy shot in a documentary style as you see New York through the lens of John Wilson as he travels through the iconic city.

And Just Like That S2

And Just Like That S2

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Nicole Ari Parker reprise their iconic roles in this mini-series about their new chapter. 

Rain Dogs is on Showmax

Rain Dogs S1

HBO’s dark comedy is an unconventional love story between a working-class single mum, her young daughter and a privileged gay man.

Love to Love You, Donna Summer (2023)

Love to Love You, Donna Summer (2023)

Her dreams, voice and story are explored in this powerful and revealing HBO documentary that follows the life of iconic singer Donna Summer.

Avenue 5 S2

Avenue 5 S2

Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie drives this HBO comedy about a space crew trapped in a cruise ship with spoiled tourists as passengers.

White House Plumbers S1

White House Plumbers S1

With an all-star cast, this is the true story of Nixon’s own political staff and Watergate masterminds accidentally toppling his presidency.

Perry Mason S2

Perry Mason S2

It’s the 1930s and LA is booming. It’s here that down-and-out defence attorney Perry Mason takes on the cases of the decade.

The Fastest Woman on Earth is on Showmax

The Fastest Woman on Earth (2022)

A fascinating and tragic documentary about Jessi Combs, a professional racer and TV personality who set out to break new records in racing.

A Black Lady Sketch Show S1-4

A Black Lady Sketch Show S1-4

Celebrities including Wanda Sykes and Vanessa Williams join the regular cast of four black female comedians in a series of hilarious sketches.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty S2

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty S2

This HBO series is based on the 80s Los Angeles Lakers becoming the most successful basketball team, and their legacy on and off the court.

Somebody Somewhere S2

Somebody Somewhere S2

Grappling with the death of her sister, Sam finds community with a group of outsiders in this semi-autobiographical HBO dramedy.

Warrior Season 3 is on Showmax

Warrior S3

The original dragon Bruce Lee wrote, pitched and had this story rejected. Fifty years later, Warrior made it to the screen.

The Righteous Gemstones S3

The Righteous Gemstones S3

A family who preach living a holy life are instead living the good life – until their secrets and sins start catching up with them. 

HBO's The Idol with Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd is on Showmax

The Idol S1

This risqué drama series follows an aspiring idol on her journey to become the greatest and sexiest pop star in America.

The Tourist S1

The Tourist S1

In the middle of the Australian outback, a man is run off the road. When he wakes up, he realises he has no idea who he is.

Love & Death

Love & Death

Two churchgoing couples enjoy small-town family life in Texas – until somebody picks up an axe. Based on a chilling true story. 

Barry S4

Barry S4

A depressed hitman has a career epiphany when he discovers the world of LA theatre acting, but his criminal ties won’t let him walk away.

Irma Vep

Irma Vep

Oscar winner Alicia Vikander drives this captivating HBO limited series. A disillusioned heartbroken American actress goes to France to star as Irma Vep in a remake of the French classic Les Vampires.

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This Body Works For Me Season 2 is on Showmax

This Body Works For Me S2

This Body Works For Me explores the lives of seven women in the South African adult entertainment industry, letting us in on their family dynamics, relationships, hustles, and careers.

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After Ever Happy is on Showmax

After Ever Happy (2022)

A shocking truth about Tessa and Hardin’s families emerges, leading them to realise they are more similar than they ever thought.

Don't Worry Darling is now on Showmax

Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles lead this mystery thriller set in the 1950s in a utopian town where nothing is as it seems.

Minx S2 is on Showmax

Minx S1-2

In 1970s LA, an earnest young feminist and a low-rent publisher team up to create the first erotic magazine for women.

Love Island UK Season 10 is on Showmax

Swap the chill for a long, hot summer with Love Island UK on Showmax

Get ready for a sizzling summer adventure with Love Island Season 10, coming first to Showmax from the UK, hosted by Maya Jama.

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