Single Kiasi S1-2
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Single Kiasi S1-2

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Even when their worlds crumble, they will always have each other. All episodes of Season 2 of Single Kiasi are now streaming.

Directed by Insignia Productions duo Grace Kahaki and Philippe Bresson, Single Kiasi follows the lives of three women in Nairobi – Sintamei, Mariah and Rebecca – as they go through the ups and downs of marriage, relationships, and their careers.

Gathoni Mutua (This Is Life) plays the overachieving, career-focused Sintamei, a brilliant lawyer who seems to have the life that any woman would dream of – she’s on track to making partner in a prestigious law firm and has been happily married for 10 years to the man of her dreams. Or so she thought.

Minne Kariuki (Ma’Empress) plays the sassy Mariah, a woman with a taste for the finer things in life, who uses her looks to get whatever she wants.

Faith Kibathi (This Is Life) plays the humble and down-to-earth Rebecca, a housewife and a mother of two who has lived with her high school sweetheart for nine years despite not being officially married.

What goes down in Single Kiasi Season 2

Season 2 picks up a couple of months after the shocking events of the Season 1 finale that threw uncertainty over their love lives, and will find our beloved characters experiencing transformational events that will impact their friendship in unforeseen ways.

Also returning are Michael Munyoki (A Grand Little Lie), Brian Abajah (Sincerely Daisy), Kevin Maina, Walter Bruce Opiyo, Derek Bbanga and Maggie Kiundi.

New cast joining the second season includes Grace Wacuka (A New Christmas) as Olivia, a new female lead and Sintamei’s old friend; Fidel Maithya (Selina); Quincy Rapando (Zora); Ian Mbugua (Chaguo); Mufasa Kibet aka Mufasa Poet (Crime and Justice); and Ciku Shire (Famous), with newcomers Brenda Gasere, Ashley Kareez and Amos Kabole Matuku.

What's happening in Single Kiasi

Single Kiasi S2 Key Art

“It’s been a bold and fearless season.” Phil Bresson on Single Kiasi S2, now available to binge

All 13 episodes of the hit Kenyan drama series, Single Kiasi season two, are now available to binge on Showmax. 

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Rebecca walks the isle in the finale of Single Kiasi Season 2

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 13 recap: Wedding disaster

In the finale of Single Kiasi Season 2, a wedding ends in disaster as Eric gets arrested, leaving Rebecca devastated and in tears.

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Eric proposing to Rebecca in Single Kiasi

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 12 recap: Eric makes a bold move

In episode 12 of Kenyan Showmax Original Single Kiasi Season 2, Eric throws caution to the wind and proposes to Rebecca.

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Rebecca introduces Jayden to Edward in Single Kiasi

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 11 recap: Rebecca introduces her son to Edward

In episode 11 of Single Kiasi Season 2, Edward offers to help Rebecca’s son with homework, with dire consequences. 

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Sintamei with her friends Rebecca and Mariah

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 10 recap: Rebecca mends the feud between Mariah and Sintamei

Rebecca attempts to mend the feud between her two best friends, Maria and Sintamei, on the latest episode of Single Kiasi Season 2.

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Edward and Rebecca in episode 9 of Single Kiasi S2

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 9 recap: Rebecca and Edward get intimate

Things heat up between Rebecca and Edward as they get intimate on the latest episode of Single Kiasi Season 2.

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Single Kiasi Episode 8 on Showmax

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 8 recap: Olivia ditches Sintamei

In Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 8, Olivia ends the partnership with Sintamei and the firm’s future hangs in the balance.

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Olivia in Episode 7 of Single Kiasi S2 on Showmax

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 7 recap: Olivia finds out about Rodger’s infidelity

In episode 7 of Single Kiasi Season 2, Mariah confronts Rodger for hitting on her while engaged to Olivia, and Sintamei and Steve agree to collaborate on a high-stakes pitch.

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Gathoni Mutua is Sintamei 

Minne Kariuki is Slay Queen Mariah 

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