The Wife Season 3 episodes 49-51 recap: Qhawe fights for Naledi his love

By Xabiso Ngqabe16 March 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 49-51 recap: Qhawe fights for Naledi his love

The Wife Season 3 episodes 49-51 pick up immediately after last week’s shocking discovery that Naledi has been kidnapped. Both the royal family and Qhawe set a plan in motion to find the Tswana princess. Meanwhile, Xoli is under pressure from all sides as the consequences of her actions start to catch up with her.

Back at the Zulu mansion, Hlomu suspects Mqhele is cheating on her and also discovers that R2 million has been transferred out of the Zulu bank account. Will this be the week when the Zulus finally find out who’s been plotting against them?

Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes of The Wife, now streaming on Showmax.

Qhawe and the royal family team up to rescue Naledi

The Wife Season 3 Qhawe and Tshedi on Showmax

Qhawe and Tshedi work together to get the control room staff at the hospital to replay the CCTV footage so they can figure out who kidnapped Naledi. Kgosi enters with Sefako and asks what Qhawe is doing there. The Zulu brother calmly informs the chief he has come to assist in finding Naledi. The chief quickly realises that if they are to find Naledi, he will need all the help that he can get, even if it means working with Qhawe.

Kgosi, Sefako and Qhawe in The Wife Season 3 on Showmax

When Qhawe argues with Sefako about how to find Naledi, Kgosi intervenes and tells them to work together. Sefako wants to involve the cops because he has a friend whose father is the police minister, whereas Qhawe believes this can be accomplished without involving the police. In the end, Kgosi asks Qhawe to talk to his people and see how they can help while Sefako will ask his friend to speak to his father. They split up and get to work.

Qhawe goes out in search for Naledi

Tshedi recognises the kidnapper on the footage and Tsietsi also recalls that it’s the same guy who came to the hospital with a wounded arm, asking lots of questions about Naledi. 

Qhawe finds the dodgy warehouse and hears Naledi screaming as soon as he arrives. A bloody showdown between Qhawe and Tlhabane ensues. Qhawe gets shot in the leg, but the Zulu brother doesn’t waste any time nor bullets in shooting and killing Tlhabane. The royal family arrives to find an injured Qhawe, who asks them to call an ambulance for Naledi because she’s bleeding after being knocked down by Tlhabane.

Naledi loses her child and the chief commands Qhawe to stay away from her

Tsietsi delivers the devastating news that Naledi’s child didn’t make it. Qhawe is listening from the outside as the chief doesn’t want him near Naledi.

Naledi asks Tsietsi to run more tests as she doesn’t believe this is possible.

Qhawe and Kgosi in The Wife Season 3 on Showmax

It’s yet another loss for the Zulus, and to rub salt to the wound, chief Kgosi says to Qhawe, “I’m here to thank you for everything you did to save my daughter. There are two things that we have to get straight. Firstly, Naledi and I have agreed that we won’t tell Sefako the true identity of the father of the deceased child. Secondly, seeing that there’s nothing tying you to my daughter I trust that you’ll vanish from her life like a fart in the wind,” adds Kgosi.

Mqhele’s infidelity and millions missing

Back at the Zulu mansion, Hlomu puts on sexy lingerie for her husband but Mqhele’s mind is still on Xoli so he ignores her. She then starts suspecting that Mqhele is cheating and confides in Xoli, unaware that the person Mqhele is cheating with is right under her nose.

Hlomu thinks Mqhele is cheating on her in The Wife Season 3 on Showmax

Following that, Hlomu picks up that R2 million is missing from the Zulu’s bank account. Mqhele starts investigating. Xoli starts panicking but her mother assures her that nothing will trace back to them. Hlomu later asks Xoli to help find out who Mqhele is cheating with. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sefako celebrates but Naledi is horrified

Back at the hospital, Naledi finds out that she was pregnant with twins and while the one is deceased the other one survived. She tells Qhawe the wonderful news and they decide to keep it between the two of them. The two star-crossed lovers spend a day together at Qhawe’s place talking about their future plans. 

The Wife Season 3 on Showmax

When Sefako comes to check on her at the hospital he learns from one of the nurses that Naledi is still pregnant. He wastes no time and goes to Thabeng to celebrate. When Naledi arrives home, Sefako has poured drinks for the chief. ready to celebrate that he still has a child on the way and Naledi is horrified.

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When Qhawe said at the beginning of the season, “No one is sleeping until we find Naledi”, he meant it. This week we see Naledi still being held hostage by Tlhabane. Whilst Sefako wants to make use of police to trace the kidnapper, Qhawe wants to take it upon himself to find his love. After checking the CCTV footage at the hospital, Tshedi is able to identify that the person who kidnapped Naledi is Tlhabane, Naledi’s ex-boyfriend.

Hlomu is also going through a lot in her marriage as she suspects Mqhele is cheating. She vents to Xoli and wants her to help find the truth, but little does she know that the person her husband is cheating with is right in front of her.

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