20 May 2016

Voucher purchase now integrated into FNB app

Buying Showmax vouchers online just got even easier. We’re now integrated into the FNB mobile app.

I know I sound a bit like a dodgy TV salesman for an electric banana slicer but it really is as simple as:

Login > Buy > Vouchers > Showmax

….aaaand that’s it.

Login to app, go to ‘buy’, then go to ‘vouchers’
Find Showmax
Pay from account or eBucks – Bob’s your uncle

There’s even an option to send a voucher as a gift. No more dodgy flowers from the petrol station – now there’s an easier way to get a last-minute gift to keep you out of the doghouse.

Happy Showmaxing…

– Richard

Richard Boorman is the head of communications for Showmax

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