Wura Season 2 episodes 1-4 recap: A killer will give you closure?

8 December 2023

Wura Season 2 episodes 1-4 recap: A killer will give you closure?

In the opening scenes of the second season of Wura, Kazeem and Mide are on a mission to decode Paulina’s new radiant joy. The last we heard, she was out for blood, pointing a gun at Fola, whom she does not know was wrongly accused of killing her father, Solomon. 

Kazeem is cautious and worried about the change in Paulina, but Mide reminds him Fola killed Paulina’s dad, so her anger is justified. 

Enter Aunty Labake, Fola’s only friend in Iperindo, playing the peacemaker by approaching Dimeji to plead for Fola. She tells him there are two sides to every story and reminds him about his stint at prison over a false accusation. Dimeji, ever so reasonable and agreeable, sees sense in her point. 

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Meanwhile, in the upscale part of Iperindo, Kanyin meets a police officer thirsty for Wura’s downfall. Kanyin’s excitement is palpable — nothing beats meeting a Wura adversary. Her father, oblivious to the war between Wura and his daughter, is telling Wura how proud he is of his daughter and her recent dedication to excellence at work.  

However, Wura gently shuts him down, informing him it is actually the opposite at work. “You know what, sweetheart, all I’m saying is her deficit is trying to affect us.” She speaks earnestly about Kanyin’s poor performance at work and that she wants to sack her.  

Back at the bar, the policeman lays out his conditions for Kanyin: a luxury car and cash for some juicy Wura secrets. And so goes the circle of Kanyin trying to end Wura, who’s cooking up a scheme of her own. 

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Mide comforts Paulina 

Mide, surprisingly mature this season, pays a visit to cheer up Paulina. After some playful banter, he settles down to offer comfort, expressing his desire for Paulina to reclaim her vibrant self. He wants to comfort her as she did him when his mother was suffering a mental crisis. Paulina, initially resistant, finally opens up about missing her dad. 

“Mide, I miss him,” she starts sobbing. “As Fola just waka enter here, he just brings back all memories. Fola took everything from us. By now, I suppose don marry, I suppose dey educated.” 

Mide encourages her not to wallow alone in sorrow, reminding her that talking about it can be therapeutic and that he will always provide a listening ear. A heartfelt moment ensues as he hugs and comforts her.

Kanyin’s gold heist 

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The police officer, in cahoots with Kanyin, demands seven million naira and an SUV for damning evidence against Wura. Kanyin’s first attempt at getting the money fails, so she gets wildly ambitious: a gold heist from Frontline Gold Mine. 

Even the young detective is taken aback by the audacious plan, but when it comes to Wura’s downfall, no mountain is too tall for Kanyin to climb. No one is spared from her cruelty either.  

In episode 3, she follows Lolu to the office to get a glimpse of the gold. She asks questions about their value and how to market them. Then she feeds him laced sandwiches that will make him sick, so she has a chance at stealing the gold. 

Paulina, Fola, a lost purse and jungle justice 

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After trying to shoot him, Paulina finds a helper in Fola. While returning from the market, things from her bag are spilling, and Fola just happens to be around. He offers to help, but she refuses. Then, more fruits spill out, and she involuntarily accepts his help.  

Later, she notices her purse is missing and instantly thinks it must be Fola.  

While Labake praises Fola for his kindness and compassion, Paulina marches to her house with an army of angry people to get her purse.  

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“Oga, where is my purse?” Paulina rudely questions Fola after ignoring Labake’s greetings. “My purse you stole while pretending to help me carry my bag inside my house?” 

Labake tries to interfere, and Paulina again admonishes her rudely. She then drags the unsuspecting Fola outside to a crowd hungry for jungle justice! Things quickly spiral out of control, but while Dimeji and Mide try to control things, Paulina adds more fuel to the fire and encourages the angry crowd, who launch at Fola, beating and hitting him with sticks and stones. 

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