Chucky Season 1-3: His 13 cruellest kills, ranked

By Gen Terblanche8 May 2024

Chucky Season 1-3: His 13 cruellest kills, ranked

Even before he launches a nuclear bomb in Chucky Season 3, episode 6, Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) has a serious body count. As serial killer Charles Lee Ray, he had 22 victims that we’re aware of, including his own mother. Chucky the doll kills 53 people across his seven-movie franchise (he’s had since 1988 to do it). He added 20 people and one cat in Chucky Season 1. In Season 2, Chucky personally racked up just eight kills, not counting doll-on-doll killings. And in Season 3 so far, he has murdered roughly 30 people all by his little self. In total, before he drops a bomb on us, Chucky is responsible for 133 deaths and countless terrible jokes. At this point slashing throats with a knife is just lazy and uncreative. So we went back through the series to count down Chucky’s 13 most shockingly cruel and evil kills.

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1. Season 1, episode 4: Hospital horror

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If medical waste and buckets full of used needles make you scream, you’ll need to cover your eyes when a gruesome, half-melted Chucky doll throws a scalpel into the back of Detective Sean Peyton (Travis Milner), severing his spinal cord and paralysing him. Chucky then scrabbles around in a medical waste bin of sharps before coming up with multiple used syringes in each hand. He goes to town stabbing the helpless detective until his chest looks like a pincushion and he’s filled with so much leftover gunge and goop that he dies bleeding from his eyes, ears and fingernails. 

2. Season 1, episode 5: Heads will roll

Chucky beheads Principal Megan McVeigh (Jana Peck) and rolls her freshly severed head onto the stage during a school assembly, where it blinks its last blink before the light fades from her eyes. He then opens the stage curtain to reveal her headless body strapped into a chair on the stage. Not in front of the poor children, Chucky! 

3. Season 1, episode 6: Defenestration demonstration

This one gets points for emotional damage. After Chucky electrocutes 14-year-old Jake Wheeler’s (Zackary Arthur) dad, Lucas (Devon Sawa), Jake goes to stay with his aunt Bree (Lexa Doig), who secretly has cancer. After she finds out her illness is terminal, Chucky overhears her telling her psychologist that she’s not going to medicate because she wants to live her final months to the utmost. When she comes out of his office, though, Chucky shoves a heavy cart into her, sending her flying through an office window to land on her car. Her son Junior (Teo Briones) is in the front passenger seat of the car as her face smashes through the windshield. 

PS: This death is echoed in Season 2, episode 6 when a good Chucky turns evil and pushes his “fairy godmother” – fan-favourite Nadine (Bella Higginbotham), the roommate of Jake’s ally Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) – out of a high window at their Catholic reform school. Nadine falls to her death, landing on the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary, before slumping into its arms. 

4. Season 1, episode 7: Hammered home

Chucky manipulates Junior into killing his father, Logan Wheeler (Devon Sawa), after Logan tells Junior that Bree was weak for killing herself. Junior goes to town, battering Logan to death with the Chucky doll’s big, heavy plastic head, swinging Chucky’s body like a hammer. Chucky’s blood-spattered face is filled with giddy excitement as Junior swings him down again and again, turning his dad’s head to mush. 

5. Season 1, episode 8: Frankenstein movie massacre

At a charity movie screening of Frankenstein in the Season 1 finale, Chucky slithers under the seats in the movie theatre and stabs upwards, getting little Caroline (Carina London Battrick) and Lexy’s dad Nathan Cross (Michael Therriault) right in the butt, which somehow makes blood spill out of his mouth and coat his movie popcorn like butter … which his wife, Mayor Michelle Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods), then eats! He’s just the first. As the theatre erupts in screams, Chucky goes on a butt-stabbing spree, killing at least 10 people. Bonus points to Jake, who kills the Chucky doll by strangling him until his disgustingly meaty human eyes pop right out of his doll head. 

6. Season 2, episode 1: Baby Boom

Chucky (who is, at this point, one of multiple Chucky dolls) brings a homemade fertiliser bomb into the house of Jake’s new foster family after making friends with Jake’s six-year-old foster brother Gary (Simon Webster). After Chucky is forced to drop the bomb, Gary picks it up and runs off with it, thinking they’re all playing a game. But Chucky chases after him and when he catches him in the kitchen, he presses the detonator, blowing both himself and little Gary to pieces in a green, stinky cloud, right in front of Jake and his friends Lexy and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson). Gary is Chucky’s youngest known victim across all the series and movies. 

7. Season 2, episode 3: Just heartless

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Trevor Cain (Jordan Kronis), the guy who bullied Lexy as a kid, is now an altar boy at Lexy, Devon and Jake’s Catholic reform school. A super-strong version of Chucky (aka Buff Chucky) catches Trevor planting drugs in Lexy’s room and punches him in the face hard enough to break his jaw, before punching through his ribs, which snap, crackle and pop. Chucky claws Trevor’s heart right out of his chest and squishes it, leaving him with a massive hole in his torso.

8. Season 2, episode 5: Colonel Cannibal

We were not ready to meet The Colonel (inspired by Marlon Brando’s character in the film Apocalypse Now)! This bald Chucky doll believes himself to be the supreme Chucky. While he doesn’t actually kill long-time franchise survivor-turned-Chucky-hunter Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), when The Colonel is tracked down to his creepy cabin in the woods, we find out that he has slowly been eating Andy’s leg slice by slice over the course of a year. The two are surrounded by rusty saw blades, torture instruments, and the butchered remains of about 40 other Chucky dolls who survived when Andy drove the truck filled with the Chucky army over the cliff at the end of Season 1. The Colonel’s crazy status is cemented by the necklace of blood-crusted Chucky ears that he wears. 

9. Season 2, episode 7: Exorcism explosion

In this episode inspired by horror movie The Exorcist, Chucky and Charles Lee Ray’s evil therapist Dr Mixter (Rosemary Dunsmore) forces Catholic priest Father Bryce (say hello to Devon Sawa again) to perform an exorcism on “Good Chucky” as part of a voodoo ritual to give Good Chucky’s body to Chucky Prime. But when the exorcism makes Chucky’s spirit jump to Father Bryce’s body, Father Bryce explodes like a water balloon full of blood and guts, sending his screaming head flying through the air!

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10. Season 2, episode 8: A chainsaw for Christmas

Chucky kills Lexy’s mom Michelle Cross in spectacular fashion when he pops down her chimney at Christmas. While she’s distracted, he leaps up behind her carrying a doll-sized chainsaw and slowly carves down through the centre of her head as she screams and gurgles. As Chucky laughs maniacally, we see him continue to cut down through her body with the chainsaw and her head peels apart, followed by the rest of her body until he gets to her feet, redecorating her house with splashes of festive red.

11. Season 3 episode 2: This flag means death

Following Michelle’s death, Jake, Lexy and Devon have just one trusted guardian between them: school teacher Rachel Fairchild (Annie M Briggs). Chucky murders Miss Fairchild  in the White House by popping up behind her, tossing an American flag over her face, and strangling her to death with it, while standing on her back and joking about turning the kids into orphans one last time. It takes her over a minute to die and the physical effort leaves Chucky breathless, with a sore back. Chucky’s getting old!

12. Season 3 episode 3: Taxi-dermy

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In a flashback, we see Chucky going on a New York murder spree with Lexy’s little sister Caroline. One of their first victims is their innocent taxi driver (played by comedian Kenan Thompson). When he tries to kick them out of his cab, Chucky drops the driver’s seat back into a reclining position, raises up the driver’s umbrella and wedges it right down his throat while he wriggles helplessly like an insect on a pin. He then opens the umbrella, puncturing the driver’s throat while the soundtrack plays a version of the song Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. 

PS: In this episode we find out that Chucky’s doll form is rapidly ageing thanks to his Season 2 exorcism. His doctor tells him that to appease the Damballa spirit, he must conduct a voodoo sacrifice of six people in an evil location. So that’s why he’s at the White House.

13. Season 3, episode 5: Eye scream

When dropping a massive chandelier on the guests during a Halloween party in the White House in episode 4 doesn’t work (despite the gory aftermath with intestines everywhere and Chucky dressed as the Phantom of the Opera), Chucky goes for the ultimate prize: the nuclear launch codes. President James Collins (is that Devon Sawa again? Yes, it is) is not long for this world. A grotesquely shrivelled and ageing Chucky with just a few wisps of white hair left lures James to his dead son’s old room, then leaps out at him, knocking him over and biting a chunk out of his cheek. After making a quip, Chucky digs his little doll hands into the President’s eye sockets, gouging out his eyes. It’s a lot of work for an old doll and as Chucky lies panting, the eyeballs fall out of his hands and roll across the floor. 

But dropping a nuke on the North Pole’s struggling polar bears? That’s truly evil, Chucky. 

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