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Sibling rivalry and sweet revenge in Igiza, the new Showmax Original thriller set in Kenya. All 13 episodes now streaming.

Set against the backdrop of Nairobi’s fashion industry and the money laundering business, Igiza is a story of revenge between twin sisters Linda and Nicole.


Serah Ndanu plays the dual role of the twin sisters – the inmate Nicole and Linda, a top fashion designer who runs a successful fashion house. Both their lives are about to change when Nicole sets her revenge plan into motion.

Igiza is helmed by Abdi Shuria (known for his works as a cinematographer for 2021’s hit Nafsi and upcoming feature Ayaanle), King Muriuki (The XYZ Show) and Abu Melita under their company Yare Productions.

Igiza is the next Showmax Original in Kenya after the recently concluded second season of the police procedural and legal drama Crime and Justice.

All 13 episodes are now streaming exclusively on Showmax.


Watch this mesmerising title sequence

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Serah Ndanu on playing rival twins Linda and Nicole

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Kevin Samuel is back for one last role

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Blessing Lung'aho on his new "dangerous" role

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Double the deception, read more

Binge all 13 episodes of Igiza on Showmax

Binge all 13 episodes of Igiza on Showmax

After an explosive finale, all 13 episodes of Kenyan thriller series Igiza are now available to binge-watch on Showmax.

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Igiza episode 13 recap: Justice will be served

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Igiza episode 12 recap: Ransom

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Igiza episode 11 recap: Things just got real

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Igiza episode 10 recap: Who’s playing who?

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Igiza episode 9

Igiza episode 9 recap: The beginning of the end

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Igiza episode 7

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