Sex and Pleasure

Sex and Pleasure

Flag zaMade in South Africa

Everybody does it – let’s talk about it! Sex and Pleasure explores the topic everyone secretly wants to discuss. 

“Everyone has sex,” says Lesego Tlhabi, aka Coconut Kelz, at the start of the trailer for the new Showmax Original Sex and Pleasure. “Even your most conservative grandmother had eight kids. So let’s talk about it.”

Sex in Afrikaans was one of the 10 most streamed titles on Showmax in South Africa in 2022, but it’s clearly not just Afrikaners who like to pomp. 

Hosted by writer Kim Windvogel and journalist Romantha Botha, the adults-only documentary series Sex and Pleasure will take a broader view of what South Africans get up to behind closed doors, and, well, everywhere else too. 

Watch the Sex and Pleasure trailer here »

All episodes of Sex and Pleasure are now streaming.

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/images/za.svgSouth African

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/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
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