RSVP for a Showmax wedding: 40+ celebrations to enjoy

By Gen Terblanche5 July 2024

RSVP for a Showmax wedding: 40+ celebrations to enjoy

It’s wedding season on Showmax, but put away your tight suit and itchy, sweaty dress. Our dress code is your comfiest clothes. The destination is your couch. And your plus one is your best viewing buddy. We have over 40 weddings lined up for you to enjoy and you won’t have to wrap a gift or say a speech for a single one of them. So pick your favourite couples and destinations below, then sit back and enjoy the opulence, extravagance, romance and chaos. Don’t forget the tissues!

Destination weddings

Polite Society

Priya Kansara stars as Ria Khan and Ritu Ayra as Lena Khan in Polite Society now on Showmax

Kicking off the season in more ways than one, we have action comedy Polite Society. After Lena Khan (Ritu Ayra, Journalist Barbie in Barbie) drops out of her London art school, her parents score a dream husband for her when they accept an invitation from posh Raheela Shah (Nimra Busha) so Lena can meet her son Salim (Akshay Khanna), a rich, handsome, successful geneticist. Lena’s schoolgirl and stuntwoman-in-training sister Ria (Priya Kansara, Miss Eaton in Bridgerton), however, is baffled, then alarmed, when she starts believing that Salim’s family are up to no good. She ropes her friends Clara (Seraphina Beh) and Alba (Ella Bruccoleri) into an audacious anti-wedding heist in the name of sisterhood and freedom, complete with a choreographed Bollywood-style dance number inspired by Madhuri Dixit’s dance in the film Devdas. Let the chaos, comedy and kung-fu kicks begin.

Arranged Love

Feel-good romantic comedy. When tech guru and company owner Meera (Sharmita Bhattacharya) fled India to avoid an arranged marriage as a girl, she left her family and her inheritance behind. To get her company through a financial crisis, she asks a handsome stranger, Rama (Andres Joseph), to pretend to be her husband and return to India with her. But Rama has his own surprising secret.

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding is on Showmax

Romantic action comedy. Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) gather their families for the ultimate destination wedding on a private island. But when the entire wedding party is taken hostage by pirates, the bride and groom must team up to save their loved ones – while working out their secret doubts about getting married. With Jennifer Coolidge as Tom’s mom, Carol, and Lenny Kravitz as Darcy’s ex-fiancé, Sean.

The Wedding Ringer

Comedy. With two weeks to go until his wedding to the lovely Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), sweet, shy Doug Harris (Josh Gad) still has no groomsmen, so he turns to Best Man Inc and its owner, Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), for help getting seven dudes to stand up for him. Instead, he gets so much more as the men take him on a series of wild adventures.


In a similar vein to The Wedding Ringer, Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Will Smith) sets out to prove that he isn’t a scam artist when reporter Sara Melas (Eve Mendes) writes an exposé on his business helping single men win the women of their dreams. But when none of his usual techniques work on Sara, Hitch has to turn to his successful clients to find out what really did the trick … no trickery.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 on Showmax
(L to R) Nia Vardalos stars as “Toula” and John Corbett stars as “Ian” in writer/director Nia Vardalos’ MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 3, a Focus Features release. Courtesy of Yannis Drakoulidis / Focus Features

Romantic comedy. When Toula’s (Nia Vardalos) dad Gus (Michael Constantine) finds out that he and Maria (Lainie Kazan) are not legally married despite having been together for 50 years, he and Maria (after he proposes properly) become determined to have their own big, fat Greek wedding. The third film in the series sees the Portokalos family return to their home village, where they help two secretly engaged villagers, Christos (Giannis Vasilottos) and Qamar (Stephanie Nur), to get married.

Mamma Mia! and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia on Showmax

Romantic musical comedy with an all-ABBA soundtrack. Bride-to-be Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who grew up without a dad, desperately wants her father to walk her down the aisle. So she secretly invites her mother Donna’s (Meryl Streep) three past lovers (Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård) to the Greek island of Kalokairi where she’s getting married. In the sequel, Sophie uncovers more about Donna’s history with her three fathers as she reopens the family hotel.

Ticket To Paradise

Ticket to Paradise is on Showmax

Romantic comedy. Like Polite Society, this is a story about stopping a wedding. David (George Clooney) and Georgia (Julia Roberts) call a truce 20 years after their divorce and fly to Bali together to stop their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) from giving up her career as a lawyer and marrying Gede (Maxime Bouttier), a seaweed farmer. But love works in mysterious ways.

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride with Andy Garcia is on Showmax

Comedy. In this retelling of the classic tale of a father learning to let go, mother-of-the-bride Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) and her husband Billy (Andy Garcia) have to hide their divorce talks while Billy works on setting aside his doubts to give his little princess, Sofia (Adria Arjona), the extravagant Cuban wedding of his dreams … even if he doesn’t care for her love, Adan (Diego Boneta) or his family.


Romantic comedy. Speaking of meddling parents, ambitious recently fired talk show host Viola (Jane Fonda) is convinced that her son Kevin’s (Michael Vartan) new girlfriend Charlie (Jennifer Lopez) is out to ruin his life. Why would a doctor marry a dog walker? So she calls on her assistant Ruby (Wanda Sykes) and Kevin’s ex-fiancée Fiona (Money Mazur) to destroy the relationship, and pulls every trick in the book, including wearing a white dress to the wedding, to get in Charlie’s face.

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians on Showmax

Looking for the ultimate fancy wedding? In this romantic comedy, hard working economics professor Rachel (Constance Wu) has no idea that her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) is obscenely rich until she comes along as his plus one to his best friend’s multi-million-dollar wedding in Singapore, nicknamed “the royal wedding of Asia”. There she meets the rest of his family and sets foot in the backstabbing, self-indulgent world of Crazy Rich Asians, princesses, and disapproving mothers and aunts.

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Weddings for Africa

You Promised to Marry Me S1

Host Moshe Ndiki helps individuals to confront their partners for stringing them along and breaking a promise to marry them in this Moja Love reality series.

Kwakuhle Kwethu S1

Kwakuhle Kwethu on Showmax

Reality. Dineo and Solo Langa’s love story started back in 2011, and continues to grow. They share their past with viewers in this wedding special, discuss their calling to be sangomas, and reveal how they weave spirituality into their lives together. Be warned, their wedding vows might have you reaching for the tissues!

Married At First Sight Mzansi S1

Married At First Sight Mzansi S1_Maintenance Portrait KV

Relationship experts put science and their skills to the ultimate test as they pair up eight strangers, then have them meet for the first time ever at the altar on their wedding day. It’s going to be a crazy honeymoon as the couples have six weeks to decide whether it will be happily ever (or happily never) after. Relationship experts include husband-and-wife counsellors Nokwanda and Pastor Dr Bakhe Dlamini.

Our Best Friend’s Wedding S1

Nigerian drama series. A young man named Charles (Adebola Olowu), who panics and buys an engagement ring on a whim, recruits his two female best friends, Jade (Oreka Godis) and Kemi (Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi), to narrow down his list of potential candidates, setting off a series of events that leads to a wedding.

PS: I Love You: Phumeza & Shota’s Wedding Special

Reality. This three-part journey takes us inside all the planning, including traditional Xhosa and Zulu ceremonies, to unite Phumeza and Shota Mdabe’s families after eight years of being legally married, leading up to their white wedding. The couple also share insights on love, parenthood and partnership from their lives together.

Tali’s Wedding Diary S1

Tali's Wedding Diary on Showmax

In this Showmax Original mockumentary from the creators of SuzelleDIY, Joburg princess Tali (Julia Anastasopoulos) moves to Cape Town and sets about planning the perfect Instagrammable wedding for her followers. Oh, and her fiancé Darren Nudelman (Anton Taylor) can come too, if he has to. Daddy, who’s shelling out the big bucks, for the wedding, would rather Darren fell down a sewer.

Ngikhethele S1

Reality. Eight singles who’re disillusioned by modern dating turn to their families to find ideal life partners for them. The twist? Their families can’t meet the suitors themselves – they have to scope things out by chatting to their families instead.

Forever Thina S1

Reality. Host LaConco (The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – South Africa) helps couples who are planning to get married without the consent of their families, and explores their stories. They have just three days to pull off a party. And on the wedding day itself, they’ll break the news to the family.

Becoming Mrs Jones S1

Becoming Mrs Jones on Showmax

Reality. Minnie Dlamini-Jones allows us a rare glimpse inside her private life in the run-up to her wedding with Quinton Jones. Find out how they met, how he proposed, and why, with the world at her feet, Minnie picked him as The One. From her bachelorette party in Paris to her traditional wedding in KZN and white wedding in Cape Town, it’s heart and flowers all the way.

Our Perfect Wedding series: Kenya S1-16, South Africa S8-12, Zambia S1-2, Nigeria S1, Uganda S1-6, Harusi Yetu S1-4 & 6-8 (Tanzania)

Our Perfect Wedding S10 Thandi's wedding

In one of Africa’s most beloved romantic reality series, a host takes us across the country meeting couples from all cultures and classes to take part in their wedding plans and celebrations.

Romance in Afrikaans


Romantic comedy. Dewetsdorp farm girl and school photographer Madelaine (Izette Blignaut) has only just arrived in Gauteng when her car breaks down and she gets into a fight with a handsome stranger named Tony (Jefferson Jīnlòng Lan) … only to later find that he’s the best man at her friend’s wedding, while she’s a bridesmaid.


Droomdag on Showmax

In this romantic comedy written by Willie Esterhuizen, Tanya (Juanita de Villiars) is forced to take a break from dating after falling for a series of awful men … only to find the one who could be Mr Right when she’s sworn off men, despite her biological clock constantly ticking.

Klein Karoo and Klein Karoo 2

Romantic comedy. Documentary director Frans (Tim Theron) is forced to take a step back and reevaluate his life after he’s unexpectedly left in front of the altar (in both films).

Fanie Fourie’s Lobola

Lighthearted romantic comedy based on the novel by Nape ‘a Motana. Afrikaans boy Fanie (Eduan van Jaarsveldt) falls in love with a Zulu girl, Dinky (Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele), and sets out to court her family, too, as he and his family get to grips with lobola etiquette.

Troukoors S1-2

In this Showmax Original romantic comedy series that’s wall-to-wall weddings, wedding planner Jessica (Ilse-Lee van Niekerk) and her best friend Abi (Bianca Flanders) and Luca (Blyde Smit) search for the perfect man while Jessica helps other women to get their hearts’ desire.

A very special episode

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1-8: S2 ep 17: Gina and Charles’ parents, S5 ep 22: Jake and Amy. The one to RSVP on: Jake and Amy has it all, including a wedding cake in the shape of Nakatomi Plaza from the first Die Hard film.

Parks and Recreation S1-7: S3 ep 9: April and Andy, S5 ep 14: Ben and Leslie, S6 ep 2: Ron and Diane. The one to RSVP on: Ben and Leslie for real romantics.

The Office S1-9: S3 ep 15: Phyllis and Bob, S9 ep 24 and 25: Angela and Dwight, S6 ep 4 and 5: Jim and Pam. The one to RSVP on: Despite being Jim and Pam shippers, Dwight and Angela’s is the most fun as they embrace those Schrute traditions to maximum effect.

Succession is exclusive to Showmax

Succession S1-4: S1 ep 10: Shiv and Tom, S3 ep 9: Lady Caroline and Peter, S4 ep 3: Connor and Willa. The one to RSVP on: Connor and Willa over-cater on the drama in what could be the show’s best-ever episode. Prepare to feast.

Superstore S1-6: S1 ep 20: Cheyenne and Bo, S5 ep 14: Sandra and Jerry. The one to RSVP on: Do not miss the bridezilla attack on the store wedding display before Cheyenne and Bo say “I do”.

Sex and the City S1-6: S1 ep 9: Brooke and Bill, S2 ep 7: Madeline and Jeremy; S3 ep 12: Charlotte and Trey, S5 ep 8: Bobby and Bitsy; S6 ep 8: Harry and Charlotte, S6 ep 14: Miranda and Steve. The one to RSVP on: Charlotte amd Trey. Terrible marriage, great high society wedding.

And Just Like That S1-2: S2 ep 1: Bring the tissues when Carrie wears THAT wedding dress to the MET Gala.

The Gilded Age S1-2: S2 ep 5: Spinster Aunt Ada marries Mr Forte at last! It’s low key for the time, crazy for today. Love her blue gown.

Game of Thrones S1-8: S1 ep 1: Daenerys and Khal Drogo, S2 ep 10: Robb and Talisa, S3 ep 8: Sansa and Tyrion, S3 ep 9: Edmure and Roslin, S4 ep 2: Joffrey and Margaery, S5 ep 2: Tommen and Margaery, S5 ep 6: Ramsay & Sansa, S7 ep 7: Rhaegar & Lyanna’s flashback wedding. The one to RSVP on: Edmure & Roslin’s notorious Red Wedding.

House of the Dragon S1-2: S1 ep 5: Rhaenyra & Laenor, S1 ep 7: Rhaenyra & Daemon’s Valyrian wedding ceremony. The one to RSVP on: Rhaenyra & Laenor, for maximum drama and murder. PS: Viserys and Alicent’s wedding was filmed, but eventually cut from S1, ep 2.

Adulting S1-2: S2 ep 13: Bonga and Nkanyezi’s wedding has it all for full glamour and full drama, including a runaway groom! Read all about it.

The Wife S1-3: S1 ep 16: Hlomu and Mqhele (Read about it and see the wedding album), S2 ep 24: Nkosana and Zandile wedding and flashbacks (Read about it), S3 ep 6: Naledi and Sefako, S3 ep 12: Sambulo and Xoli (read about it), S3 ep 58-60: Qhawe and Naledi (Read about it). The one to RSVP on: Qhawe and Naledi bring us the peace we need with a calm, deeply romantic beach wedding.

Outlaws S1: S1 ep 25-26: Read all about Sihle and Kwanele’s grand Zulu wedding and the celebrations when Tlali pays lobola to Nyakallo.

The River S1-6: S1 Ep 202-205 Tumi and Zolani (read about it and the aftermath), S2 ep 35: Cobra and Paulina (read about it), S2 ep 142-148: Gail and Zweli (read about it), S2 ep 240: Lindani and Tumi (read about it), S3 ep 259-260: Zolani and Emma, S4 ep 99 and 100: Zweli and Nyakallo, S4 ep 217: Andile and Njabulo, S5 ep 35 and 40: Cobra and Angelina, S5 ep 79: Nomonde and Mabutho, S6 ep 140: Lindiwe and Bangizwe’s 2-episode event wedding. The one to RSVP on: Nobody does weddings like The River! But even for this show, everyone really pushed out the boat for Gail and Zweli’s epic, six-day wedding celebrations … including the Angolans.