Series for teens and tweens that are totally lit

11 August 2017

Series for teens and tweens that are totally lit

You’re on fleek, on point, on trend, and on the ball (as your parentals would say), so we know you’ve already binged the Nickelodeon series that have been on Showmax for a while about people your age living their best lives, like iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush and Big Time Movie. So we’re giving you a heads-up about two Nickelodeon series we recently added to the Showmax line-up just for you.

True Jackson: VP

Life isn’t simple when you’re balancing high school and a corporate career. But for True Jackson (Keke Palmer), genius fashionista, it’s just another day, in this madcap comedy series. True goes from being the boss of her own lemonade stand to being Vice President of a funky clothing label after she impresses the boss with her unique sense of style. Watch now »

Did you know that Keke Palmer started on this show in 2008, when she was just 14? So she knew first-hand how hard it could be to juggle a job plus school plus a social life as a teenager, which is exactly what True is going through in the series.

Keke is now a successful musician and movie star, and has had major roles in a number of TV series since True Jackson. She’s the real deal, guys.

The Haunted Hathaways

The Hathaway family are ready to start a new life and open a bakery. Only they weren’t expecting that life to include the hunky ghost family living in their new place! Watch now »

When Taylor and Frankie move from the Big Apple to New Orleans with their mom Michelle, they know their lives are about to change. But then it turns out their new home already has a family living in it. Luckily, the Hathaways are an easy-going bunch, and they agree to share the house with jazz musician Ray Preston and his two sons. The thing is – the Prestons are a family of ghosts. And you know what? This unconventional family manage to drive each other just as crazy as any normal bunch of people living in the same house.

For loads of kooky, crazy antics between these siblings-with-a-difference, watch The Haunted Hathaways on Showmax.

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