The best romantic series on Showmax

14 May 2024

The best romantic series on Showmax

Want to watch romantic series online? From the cheesy to the magical, from the offbeat and awkward to the meant-to-be, these are the hottest, steamiest, sweetest, sexiest, most romantic series for you to stream or download on Showmax, all available for your next indulgent binge session.

Adulting | Showmax Original

Four best friends go through the hoops of life, love and everything else in this new drama. Set in Johannesburg, Adulting explores the parallel universes of four varsity friends. Their strong bond has held them together even as their journeys in life have taken them in very different directions. Binge Adulting S1-2 now on Showmax. Watch now »

Outlaws | Showmax Original

Leruo, a cattle thief from Lesotho, falls for a Zulu girl, Sihle, and his life is turned upside down when he finds out she is daughter of a man he has been stealing from. Watch now »

The Wife | Showmax Original

When Hlomu, an ambitious journalist, falls for a charming taxi driver, his secrets draw her into a dark underworld. Telenovela inspired by Dudu Busani-Dube’s books Hlomu the Wife and its sequels. All three season are available to bingewatch. Watch now »

Troukoors | Showmax Original

In this fun, sexy Showmax Original romcom series, a wedding planner searches for the perfect man and for her perfect day, along with her two besties. Watch now »

Watch: Troukoors Season 1-2, now streaming

Tali’s Wedding Diary | Showmax Original

From the creators of SuzelleDIY comes a hilarious new mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos as Tali, a Joburg princess who moves to Cape Town – and she’s getting married! Watch now »

Don’t miss the follow up, Tali’s Baby Diary, also on Showmax, and Tali’s Joburg Diary.

Single Kiasi | Stream from 5 March, with new episodes every Tuesday

Follow the lives of three women in Nairobi – Sintamei, Mariah and Rebecca – as they deal with the challenges that marriage, relationships, and their careers throw at them. Watch now »

Forever Yena

When online ‘It’ couple Tumisho and Asanda have a big fight during a social media livestream, it puts a strain on their relationship and jeopardises their Valentine’s Day plans. Watch now »

Matilda and Matthys

In order to write a convincing novel, an ambitious young writer goes on a series of fake dates with a super rational tech entrepreneur for research purposes, but things soon get complicated. Watch now »

You & Me S1

A romantic dramedy about finding love when you least expect it. Can three people who have experienced tragedy find hope and love again in the future, or will the past always hold them back? Watch now »

The Lovers S1

A dark comedy series about an unexpected love story between a foul-mouthed supermarket worker and a political television broadcaster. Watch now »

Colin from Accounts

A chaos-filled boy-meets-girl comedic series. Ashley and Gordon are two single-ish, complex humans brought together by a car accident and an injured dog. Watch now »

And Just Like That S2

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Nicole Ari Parker reprise their iconic roles in this mini-series about their new chapter. Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte navigate their lives and friendship in their 50s. Watch now »

The Best Man: The Final Chapter S1

Based on Malcolm D Lee’s multi-award-winning film franchise, The Best Man: The Final Chapters catches up with Harper, Robyn, Jordan, Lance, Quentin, Shelby, Candace, and Murch as relationships evolve and past grievances resurface in the unpredictable stages of midlife crisis meets midlife renaissance. Watch now »

Run The World S2 | First on Showmax

Set in Harlem, the eight-episode comedy-drama series Run the World follows a group of Black women who work, live, and play in Harlem as they strive for world domination, not just surviving but thriving together as they navigate relationships and the professional world. Watch now »

Everything I Know About Love S1

Everything I Know About Love is based on Dolly Alderton’s hilarious memoir, this is the platonic love story of 20-something childhood friends Maggie and Birdy as they move into their first grown-up house-share in London with their two friends from university. Watch now »

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette S20 on Showmax

A single bachelorette dates multiple men over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find her one true love. On this journey, she gets to know the bachelors, meets their families and gets to know herself better. Watch now »


Unmarried South Africa Season 3 is on Showmax

The fresh, fun and sexy drama series returns, following three friends living in bustling Johannesburg as they deal with the challenges of balancing motherhood, marriage and relationships with their careers. All three season are available to bingewatch. Watch now »

P.S. I Love You: Phumeza and Shota’s Wedding Special

A three-part journey taking you inside all the planning, including traditional ceremonies, to unite Phumeza and Shota’s families leading up to their white wedding. Watch now »

Love Island UK

Love Island on Showmax

It’s going to be a long, hot summer with Love Island, the uber-addictive matchmaking show where contestants have to couple up to survive. Join the cultural phenomenon with this season from the UK. Watch now »

Sex and the City

Based on the novel by Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City follows sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw and her three close friends as they navigate the pitfalls of dating in the Big Apple as thirtysomethings, while looking fabulous, having fun and making names for themselves in their careers. It’s risque, it’s sassy, it’s brutally honest and it’s an absolute feast for the eyes if fashion is your thing. The iconic show was so beloved by fans that it sparked two spin-off films as well as a prequel series after its last episode in 2004. Watch now »

True Blood

True Blood on Showmax

Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie is not like the other girls. For one thing, she’s telepathic. Two years ago, Japanese scientists invented a blood substitute that allows vampires to live out in the open. The vampires are now split into two factions: those who choose to assimilate into normal life, and those who choose to live up to their true violent nature. When Sookie meets 173-year-old vampire Bill she can’t help but fall for him. Is their relationship doomed to end in bloodshed? Binge on the complete box-set of this award-winning HBO series. Watch now »

Love Island Australia S1-4

Love Island Australia Season 4 is on Showmax

It’s the Aussies’ turn to head to Love Island, where sexy singles vie to find love and survive the vote. Buff guys, gorgeous girls, a beautiful villa, a communal bedroom and unlimited drinks. What could possibly go wrong? If you love your reality shows extra-scandalous, then you’ll definitely be hooked on Love Island. The full Seasons 1 to 3 of Love Island Australia are also ready to binge-watch on Showmax. Watch now »

Love Island USA S1-2

Love Island USA S1-2 is on Showmax

The aim is to couple up and avoid being dumped, either by your partner or by a public or house vote. There are plenty of challenges and tasks, and bumps in the road as new Islanders upset the delicate balance. In the end, it’s all decided by a public vote and one couple walks away with a $100 000 cash prize – and maybe true love. Watch now »