The Wife Season 3 episodes 46-48 recap: Naledi is missing

By Xabiso Ngqabe9 March 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 46-48 recap: Naledi is missing

The Wife Season 3 episodes 46-48 pick up with Xoli and Makhumalo as they approach the final stretch in their mission. They turn up the heat by burning the Zulu taxis, adding more to the already long list of troubles the Zulus are facing with the taxi drivers. Meanwhile, a blast from the past creeps out from the shadows and kidnaps a pregnant Naledi. This week’s episodes come out guns blazing, with enough action to have you fully immersed in this story of true love and loyalty as it reigns supreme throughout the season.

If you thought Qhawe and Naledi’s love is done, you’d better think again, as the two star-crossed lovers reunite and talk about their relationship. They’ve had their ups and downs but one thing about the Qhaledi gang, we love seeing our favourite couple on screen. Let’s take a look at all that went down this week on The Wife Season 3.

Qhaledi is far from over

Naledi pays Qhawe a visit to tell him that he was actually right when he told her she’s pregnant. What comes as a surprise to the Zulu man is when Naledi tells him that he is the father. The Tswana princess further shares with him that she’s four and a half months pregnant and that she only slept with Sefako recently. Which means it can only be Qhawe!

Naledi looking at Qhawe in The Wife Season 2 episode 46 on Showmax

Both of them are determined that they want to raise their child together but Naledi remembers that she still has to tell Sefako and that her father will be very disappointed at her, as he resents the Zulu man. Back at the Royal Thabeng, Sefako gets suspicious when he finds prenatal pills and Naledi tells Sefako that she’s pregnant but he starts celebrating without knowing that he’s not the father.

Meet Tlhabane, Naledi’s devious ex

Naledi’s troubles are many. While she is dealing with her pregnancy situation another trouble comes knocking on her door. Remember last week’s mystery man? Well, it turns out it’s Tlhabane, Naledi’s ex-boyfriend who abused her in the past. He’s been keeping tabs on Naledi and he lied to Tsietsi about being a sergeant, when all he came to do at the hospital was spy on Naledi.

Tlhabane on The Wife Season 3 episode 47 on Showmax

She comes face to face with him while at work, and when Naledi tries to escape, he overpowers her and injects her with something that knocks her out. He then abducts her and takes her to a dodgy warehouse. 

Mission: find Naledi

Sefako gets concerned about his wife’s whereabouts and tells the chief, including the fact that they are expecting a child. Tshedi suspects that Naledi could be with Qhawe so she shows up at the Zulu man’s house looking for her sister. What she doesn’t realise is that her father followed her all the way to Qhawe’s place and the chief knows that Qhawe impregnated his daughter.

Qhawe squaring off with Kgosi and Molefi on The Wife Season 3 episode 48

Tshedi puts two and two together, and realises that Naledi could have been taken by her devious ex-boyfriend Tlhabane, who’s said to have been in jail for abusing Naledi and now is back. We end the episode on Naledi at the warehouse pleading with Tlhabane to give her the antidote that could save her unborn child, as the abusive ex throws the antidote away and seemingly Naledi might lose her child.

Now that Naledi is missing, will we see an unlikely alliance formed between archenemies to find Naledi?

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Watch the trailer of The Wife Season 3 episodes 46-48

Naledi goes through a whirlwind of emotions on The Wife Season 3, as she comes face to face with a blast from her past. Her abusive ex-boyfriend Tlhabane kidnaps her and puts her in a dire situation with her unborn child. Meanwhile, at the Zulu mansion, things are getting intense as Xoli and her mom stir trouble between the Zulus and their taxi drivers. First, they steal their money, resulting in taxi drivers being unhappy about late payments and then they go on to burn their taxis. For all we know, someone will pay the price because no one messes with the Zulus and gets away with it. 

Will the royal family swallow their pride and join forces with Qhawe to find the princess? Time will tell, but for now, stay tuned to The Wife, as the search for Naledi goes on.

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