Life With Kelly Khumalo S3: Kelly and Zandie’s emotional reunion

By Zimkhitha28 September 2022

Life With Kelly Khumalo S3: Kelly and Zandie’s emotional reunion

Kelly Khumalo has once again proven that there are no limits when it comes to creating a reality show. On the last episode of Life with Kelly Khumalo, the singer brought cameras into her much-anticipated therapy session with her estranged sister, Zandie Gumede. After three years of not being in each other’s lives, they intended to fix things and find a way forward.

Kelly’s mother Ntombi was visibly emotional when Zandie walked in. She’s been dreaming about this moment for years and to finally see it happening made her cry. She couldn’t believe her eyes and gave her both her daughters a big hug.

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From family to strangers 

Ntombi knew nothing about the reconciliation as no one told her about it. “Not one of them told me. Not even the one I stay with didn’t say anything. And the one I call time and again didn’t mention anything,” she said.

Kelly was also shocked and had a lot of emotions going through her. “There’s anger and there’s disappointment, but also there’s love. And there’s also just me missing my sister so much,” the mother of two shared.

Ntombi gets emotional over her daughter's reunion on Life With Kelly Khumalo S3 ep 13

When the Khumalo family therapist Anele Siswana asked Zandie what was it was like not being part of the family, she said: “People that you have known for the rest of your life all of a sudden become people that you don’t know for some reason. And people that you were able to call at any time, speak about anything… And then all of a sudden that is all gone, taken away from me.”

Was the “divorce” a smear campaign against Kelly? 

When Kelly had her chance to speak, she said the separation broke her. “I actually want my sister to know that. As strong as I am, nothing can ever break me. But that did, it did, and I cried to God and I had so much hatred.”

She said she didn’t understand how she could be taken away from someone she saw as a twin. She addressed Zandie’s public divorce statement and told her: “Never say that to me again. I’ve never divorced you at any given point.”

Kelly Khumalo shares how she feels about Zandie Gumede's divorce from her

Zandie explained that she felt that Kelly had crossed a line.

“First of all, if you are going to accuse me of something, have proof. I offered to give my sister proof… But she was not willing to listen.” In this case, Kelly seems to have decided to take the promoters’ side of the story, instead of going through the proof her sister wanted to show her. “I’m never afraid to put up a fight simply because I speak my truth and I always have supporting evidence in everything I argue about,” Kelly said, adding that she had to protect her business. The sisters had a back and forth about Zandie’s alleged smear campaign against Kelly. 

Zandie Gumede speaks her side of the story on Life With Kelly Khumalo S3

Kelly and Zandie make peace

Zandie shared: “Right now I’m a person who feels I’m being accused of something I did not do. Even if I was that desperate for money, why take it from your sister?”.

She told Kelly to fight her for anything else, but not accuse her. The conversation got very emotional and both sisters started crying, while sharing how they felt about the situation. “I was mad and I felt betrayed, and I let go of your hand,” Kelly told Zandie. The younger sister asked Kelly to never do that again.

Kelly Khumalo shares tears and apologizes to sister Zandie Gumede

“I’m big enough to say I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I’m sorry I believed the world over you. I’m sorry I did not hold your hand. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. I’m sorry you went through pregnancy without me,” Kelly said to Zandie.

Ideally, Kelly would have wanted to be the first person to fetch Zandie from the hospital and buy gifts for the newborn, but that didn’t happen because of their broken relationship. The award-winning musician said she’d make up for it.

Cheers to sisterhood

After the tough therapy session, the sisters went out for lunch for the first time in three years. Kelly mentioned that they needed that time apart so that they could grow. “As much as we’ve been apart for so long, we still have the same interests. We still share the same stupid and goofy jokes and call each other names. It’s not as weird as I thought it would be,” Kelly said. They popped champagne and had a good time!

Cheers to sisterhood-Zandie and Kelly Khumalo reunite

After that, there was a family lunch. Zandie got to see Thingo and Christian after a long time, while Kelly met Zandie’s child for the first time.

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