Tali’s Joburg Diary

Tali’s Joburg Diary

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After battling through Covid, Tali is at the end of her tether – and her credit. Les offers to bail them out on one condition: they must move to Joburg. 

What is happening?! Tali and her family are moving to Joburg! After falling on hard times because of lockdown, the Shapiro-Nudelmans are forced to take up Tali’s dad’s offer of a bailout. His only condition? Yes, babes, Tali is coming home. Economy class. What. The. Actual. 

Tali’s Joburg Diary is the hilarious third instalment of the first-ever Showmax Original – named SA’s Best Comedy for two seasons in a row at the SAFTAs. Binge it all, only on Showmax.

While you’re at it, you’re going to want to rewatch the first two seasons: Tali’s Wedding Diary and Tali’s Baby Diary.

Meet the cast

Monique (Sharon Spiegel Wagner)

Monique (Sharon Spiegel Wagner)

The wallflower in high school, Monique has blossomed into the Queen Bee of the Joburg social scene. And she won’t be walked all over by Tali anymore.

Tali (Julia Anastasopoulos)

Tali (Julia Anastasopoulos)

We followed her journey down the aisle and her path to motherhood and influencer super-stardom. And now, Tali Babes is headed for Joburg!

Jayden (Troy Davy)

Jayden (Troy Davy)

Nearly four, Jayden is the apple of his parents’ eyes. And nothing but the best nursery school will do: Little Angels in Hyde Park.

Taryn (Kate Pinchuck)

Taryn (Kate Pinchuck)

Their moment of romance may have passed, but Taryn and Rael team up to hatch a foolproof plan for winning at the residential property game.

Michelle (Kate Normington)

Michelle (Kate Normington)

Michelle is Tali and Mikaela’s mom and biggest supporter. During lockdown, she’s rediscovered her musical theatre talents – with some unexpected consequences.

Rael (Glen Biderman-Pam)

Rael (Glen Biderman-Pam)

Not even a global pandemic can stop Rael Rosen. He may be down, but he’s not out, and he hatches a plan to reboot his property dreams.

Darren (Anton Taylor)

Darren (Anton Taylor)

Faced with the challenges of lockdown, Darren has embraced the new normal – or has he taken it all just a bit too far?

More about Tali

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Meet the cast of Tali’s Joburg Diary

In its third season, Tali returns with some familiar faces and some excellent new additions to the accomplished cast. 

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Reasons to binge-watch Tali from the very beginning

If you’ve never watched Tali’s Wedding Diary or Tali’s Baby Diary, now’s the perfect time to start from the beginning, with new episodes of Tali’s Joburg Diary landing every Friday.

Tali’s Joburg Diary lands on Showmax: OMG!

Here’s everything you need to know about South Africa’s Best Comedy, following Tali on her journeys as a bride, a mom-to-be and a Jozi girl.

Tali’s Joburg Diary

Tali’s Joburg Diary

In the third season, Tali is ready to take Joburg by storm – starting with her son’s preschool. 

Flag zaMade in South Africa

Tali’s Joburg Diary

Tali’s Joburg Diary

After battling through Covid, Tali is at the end of her tether – and her credit. Les offers to bail them out on one condition: they must move to Joburg. 

Flag zaMade in South Africa

First comes love. Then comes marriage in Tali's Wedding Diary 

Then comes baby in a baby carriage: Tali's Baby Diary 

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